Kayla got brave today and got her hair cut...she lost 8 inches!!! She is donating it to Locks of Love, but is still not sure she likes the "short" version of her hair! I keep telling her it will grow back, and be much easier to comb and wash this way. Rather like Becky with her new red hair, it is just hair. Both of them are the same people they were before, the short hair will grow longer and the red hair may go back to blonde. But, if neither of those things happen they will still be the same goofy girls they always were...their new looks just take some getting used to!

date December 30, 2008

Becky will find out if blondes or redheads have more fun...what do you think of the new "do"?

date December 29, 2008

Everything is back to normal, at least as normal as it gets at my house! Christmas is over and all the celebrations are done too. The decorations are put away for another year (most of them anyway) and the wrapping paper and fancy bags have been picked up and thrown away. Brian has gone "home" again and soon the girls will go back to school. After this week the work week will return to full time again too. I love Christmas, but I also love it when all the festivities are done with. It is good to go back to a normal routine, where you know what is going on every day and it is the same every week (almost). There are always things to look forward to and now that Christmas is over we have new things to anticipate...concerts, college visits, braces coming off, graduation. Life is good at the Josephson house!


if you make a funny face and mom has her camera, it will be captured for all eternity!

date December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from my elves to your home! We hope Christmas finds you happy, healthy, warm and filled with the spirit of Christmas. We wish good luck, love, happiness and many blessings for your New Year! Love, Dan, Kathy, Brian, Becky, Kayla

date December 24, 2008

The weather outside is frightful...literally! The windchill is -35 and the snow keeps blowing. Dan has gotten stuck twice on the road between our house and the highway and has been scooping it on a regular basis. Brian just made it home, after having to be scooped all the way up the road. I sent Dan to the truckstop to get some milk because I am beginning to think we are going to be in this house until the snow melts in the spring!

date December 21, 2008

Becky applied to Loyola University of Chicago last night...she has her heart set on going to college in Chicago. This is a liberal arts college and has a much higher rate of acceptance than Northwestern, so it is a very good possibility she will get in. But, she is also still considering University of South Dakota and maybe even University of Kansas (where Brian applied and is hoping to get in). At first I was concerned about how this small town farm girl would handle living in the big city of Chicago, but then I thought more about it and realized she would probably adjust just fine. After all, she went to New York and handled that fine (without an adult around to help) and she went to Washington DC and made lots of friends in just that one week. Becky is not shy and not one to sit in a dorm room and never go out...she has always been a social butterfly and a big city is probably just the place for her. Besides, in order to go into musical theatre she would have a better chance at internships in Chicago and future job opportunities. Now my biggest concern is not having a chance to visit the campus before she decides to accept admission (if it is offered). I want her to be in a place that is safe and that she likes...I tell her she can't choose a college based just on the city. But, like I said before, Chicago would have more opportunities. I am torn...of course the final decision is hers, but this is really tough on me. I hate the idea of her not being able to come home except for holiday breaks but I love the idea that she is pursuing her dream education in her dream city. When I had kids no one told me how hard it would be to let them grow up and move far, far away.

date December 20, 2008

Winter wonderland! We leave the garage door open a crack so the fuzzers can go outside to do their business and still come in to stay warm at night...this was the result this morning!

date December 19, 2008

So I am in need of one more Christmas present for Becky...I had one picked out but now it will not work (don't ask). I have asked her for ideas and of course she has none! She did show me a poster online that she really liked but by the time I order it framed, because they won't send it unframed, and add shipping it costs over $75...sorry Beck, but you are not getting a poster for $75! I have suggested books...no time to read; movies...none she hasn't already seen or already has; jewelry...only wears class ring and certain earrings; college stuff...doesn't want practical stuff for Christmas. I am out of ideas and quickly running out of time! Help!!

date December 15, 2008

I have been a good girl this year (doesn't everyone say that?) so for Christmas I want:

1: Brian to get into University of Kansas, get a part-time job and decide what he wants to do with his life.
2: Becky to get into whatever college she decides she wants to go to and get lots and lots of scholarships and financial aid money.
3: Kayla to continue to try new things (she is succeeding at all she tries!) and keep being less and less shy.
4: My parents and mother-in-law to continue with good health and be around for many more Christmases to come.
5: All my family to be happy, healthy, have enough money to get by, and to know that I love them all.
I promise to continue to be good and I will leave you milk and cookies by the tree.

date December 12, 2008

Kayla tells me I need to blog, not just put pictures on, so here goes a kid update.

Brian: University of Kansas has gotten all the paperwork they need for him to transfer there but have not yet made a decision on his acceptance. The other day he called and said he was considering joining the Peace Corp...that was a big surprise! There is a meeting about it later in the month so he is going to go to that and there is also a man that has an office on campus that he can go talk to about it, so I told him to check that out too. When I talked to him last night he said he is for sure going to wait to do anything definate with it until after he has settled in at KU. I would like him to finish college first, but since he is an adult now it is his decision.

Becky: Still waiting (impatiently) to hear from Northwestern University. They are supposed to make their decision by Monday at the latest, so she should hear sometime next week. Of course she has been busy with school stuff like Show Choir and Jazz Band plus finding time to get some speech practice in. Tomorrow both Becky and Kayla have a wrestling meet to cheer at and have to ride the bus there...which leaves at 5:45 am...oh the agony!

Kayla: Went to the orthodontist yesterday and found out January 27 is the big day...she gets her braces off! They have to do it in Sioux City where the main office is, so I am going to take a vacation day and we will spend the day there. After the braces are off they have to make the retainer so we have to go back to the office a few hours later...good excuse to spend some quality mother-daughter shopping time! She too has been busy at school with basically the same stuff that Becky is doing. No school today so while Becky goes to speech practice Kayla "gets" to help Dan load hogs.

So that is what has been going on at our house (and in Ames)...not too much exciting!



Naughty or nice? You decide!

date December 7, 2008

date December 5, 2008

Today I got to volunteer at Santa's Castle here in Storm Lake. Every business that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce has a day that they have to provide workers for the castle when the school kids come through for tours. We had three pre-school age groups come through and it was so much fun to watch them! Every little thing was so amazing to them and then when they got to the basement and Santa was there...holy smokes was that awesome! Santa scared a few of the kids when he "hohohoed" but most of them sat on his lap and talked to him. Only one bad part of the morning was when a little boy got sick all over the floor, I felt so sorry for him because his mom took him home and he didn't get to see the castle. This year the theme is "The Nutcracker" and there were nutcrackers everywhere...over 300 of them! Everything from little tiny ones about an inch tall to ones that were taller than me! I remember taking our kids to the castle many years ago and the same decorations and animated displays are there now...it was fun to see them all again and have the time to walk around and look (in complete silence) before the kids came. Now, since we had the annual Vespers supper at church last night and I have gone through Santa's Castle, the Christmas season has officially begun.

date December 4, 2008

The gang-Kayla, Ashley, Haley, Kelsey(Fred), Becky

date November 28, 2008

Family-we fight, we laugh, we love, we depend on each other

Sunshine-warms my house in the winter, brightens my day

Friends-gives me someone to talk to, someone to hang out with, someone to love

Dan-my best friend, love of my life, my handyman

Buying gas-means I have a car to drive, somewhere to go and money

My job-means I am helping support my family

Brian-my favorite son, makes me laugh, fixes my window, has become responsible, mature man, makes me proud

My house-keeps rain off of me, keeps me warm, keeps me cool, gives me somewhere to come to at the end of the day, filled with love and laughter

Food-sustains me, satisfies me, brings family together at the table

Becky-makes me laugh, makes me wish she wasn't growing up so fast, keeps me running, makes me proud

Corn and beans-gives our family income, gives Dan satisfaction

News-newspaper gives me a job, television news tells me my life is better than many

Kayla-gives me hugs, makes me laugh, trying new things and succeeding, makes me proud

Life-God gave me parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, nieces, nephews and the ability to handle anything that comes my way...life is good.

Be thankful each and every day, not just once a year. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

date November 26, 2008

After buying two things in the store and spending a little time online I am officially done with my Christmas shopping! I was not looking forward to shopping in the stores, the crowds annoy me, so I started looking for a few things and ideas online and spent a good amount of time on Amazon...my new favorite website. I got 90% of the gifts there, and the rest on other websites that Amazon linked to so I feel I can trust them. Now the kids, and Dan, have strict instructions they are not allowed to open any packages that are delivered! It is a good feeling to have everything done and out of the way, now all I have to do is wrap them all...I am thinking Christmas themed bags this year!


We went to see Kayla perform in the Iowa All-State Band last night. Becky, Dan and I went in the afternoon and met Brian for supper, then he joined us and mom and dad at Hilton Coliseum for the performance. There were 276 kids in the band, 600 in the choir and 199 in the orchestra. The band played four songs, plus one with the chorus singing along. It was an awesome performance and I was really impressed with the sound of such a big band. Our seats were really good, we could see Kayla perfectly. I know she had a lot of fun getting ready and performing and as dad said, we will be back to watch her next year!

date November 23, 2008

Sometimes the fuzzers are allowed to come in the house and get spoiled...they gets lots of petting and loving. Sometimes they even get the last few drops of milk left in the glass...but they have to work really, really hard for it!

date November 21, 2008

Kayla is in Ames now at All-State Band. She had to try-out for chair placement tonight and ended up with chair 10 out of 12. Pretty darn good for a sophomore who is there for the first year! She is having a good time, already made a friend who will be sitting beside her in the practices and concert, she was worried about having someone to hang out with, so that problem is solved. I told her she had to buy me a bumper sticker (they say "My kid is an All-Stater") and she found out she gets them for free, so she has extra money now! So far the best part for her is that she has her own hotel room...with a king size bed! I am anxious to talk to her tomorrow night after she has spent an entire day practicing!

date November 20, 2008

The car is not fixable, the engine is seized up. There had been absolutely no warning signs that there was a leak in the oil...never saw oil under the car where it was always parked, oil gauge was always in the safe area. Both Dan and I drove it off and on so we would have seen something had there been a sign. Oh well! Now we are trying to find her another one...she bought this one but we are going to have to buy the replacement and have her pay us back. Such is life I guess!


but the wheels on Kayla's car do not...at least not on their own! I was driving her car to Storm Lake today so that the muffler could be replaced, since she is leaving for Ames this morning she was just riding with Becky to school. I was cruising along, with the cruise control on, when all of a sudden the motor revved way up, so I stepped on the brake to slow it down, the car died and will not start again. I called Dan to come get me but he was over by Newell doing chores, so it would take him quite a bit of time to get to me, and I was already going to be late for work. So I called Kayla and since Becky wasn't ready to leave for school yet I had Kayla drive my car and come get me. She drove 4 miles illegally! When I was taking Kayla back home I noticed there was a "line" on the gravel road that led directly into our driveway and was the exact route I took with Kayla's car, the turn around I made in the driveway and everything. So when I drove past her car on the side of the road again on my way to work, (the second time) I stopped and looked under it...sure enough, there is a small puddle of oil...not a good thing. So now we are deciding if it is fixable or if we have to buy her another car. Not a good day!


Everything that Northwestern needed for Becky's application is now in their sweaty little hands so all we have to do is wait for their decision. They will send her a letter by December 15 but that seems so far away! This is the college that she has her heart set on going to and I really want her to make it in...but the waiting for the decision! Her grades are good, her ACT is good, her extra-curricular activities are good...how can they not want her? Why can't they just tell her today? Oh the waiting!

date November 19, 2008

The girls had their opening night for "Oklahoma!" last night and Dan and I went to see it...it was fantastic! Becky plays Ado Annie, a girl who just "Cain't Say No" and has to decide between two boys that she wants to marry, they both talk so "purdy" to her! Kayla is Maudie and is basically one of the "extras", but she is also one of the singers, and she does some square dancing too! Both of them are great actors, the both had good facial expressions and reacted like they were really part of the action...no fake acting there! In one scene Kayla has to "strip down" to her tank top and bloomers and all the girls do each other's hair...never thought I would see the day when Kayla would be removing her dress on stage! Becky sings a solo and a duet with one of her "love interests" and does a super job. Both of them did a phenomenal performance and we really enjoyed the show.

date November 15, 2008

All-State is coming next week...the excitement is building!

date November 14, 2008

I remember hearing the doctor say "it's a boy!"

I remember hearing a baby crying down the hall at the hospital and knowing he was mine.

I remember the car wouldn't start so Dan had to borrow a friend's to take us home from the hospital.

I remember buckling the car seat between us in the front seat so we could look at him.

I remember sitting the baby seat at the bottom of the steps while I ran upstairs, that way I could see him while I was up there (for less than a minute).

I remember rocking the bassinet back and forth in the hopes he would fall back asleep at 2 a.m.

I remember rubbing Baby Orajel on sore, teething gums.

I remember hanging row after row of freshly washed cloth diapers on the clothesline.

I remember standing him up against the couch and trying to get him to walk to me.

I remember hearing how he took his first steps for the babysitter while I was gone to Grandma's funeral.

I remember the first time I heard him say "mama"

I remember trying so hard to get him to walk and talk and then trying so hard to get him to sit down and be quiet.

I remember the red Radio Flyer wagon we gave him for his first birthday.

I remember him holding his new baby sister for the first time...and then again when he held his other new baby sister.

I remember taking him to preschool the first day (he was ready...I wasn't).

I remember his kindergarten teacher telling me he had a problem with sitting down and listening.

I remember hearing that same phrase all through his school years.

I remember he was one of the best readers in first grade so got a big reading part in "The Little Engine That Could".

I remember him asking for the moon for Christmas, sure his daddy could get it for him because daddy could do anything.

I remember days when I thought there wasn't enough patience in the world to deal with him.

I remember days when I thought I would burst with pride for him.

I remember buying paint for the barn and someone commenting on what a big job we had but Dan said we had a teenager at home to do it...first time he was ever referred to as a teenager.

I remember sitting by his bed saying prayers when he had his ankle and knee surgeries.

I remember him getting his school permit and driving to school alone for the first time.

I remember the speeding ticket he got a few days later.

I remember him graduating from high school.

I remember the long, lonely drive home after we helped him move to college.

I remember telling him "I love you" as he walked out the door to go back to college, and him saying "I love you too".

I remember how much a simple phone call means, even when it is late at night and he just wants to talk about nothing.

I remember that at 9:02 a.m. on November 9, 1988 he made me a mom and changed my life forever. He makes me worry, he makes me laugh, he makes me yell, he makes me question why I ever had kids, he makes me thank God I did have kids, he makes me wonder how he grew up so fast. He has gone from a sweet little boy who loved tractors and wanted to be president when he grew up to a handsome, intelligent man who still wants to be in politics. His dreams are big and I truly hope he can achieve every one of them. He has the determination and soul to do whatever he sets his mind to, and the stubbornness to never give up on what he believes in. The past 20 years have been one adventure after another and I wouldn't have missed it for the world...I love my "Big Guy".

date November 9, 2008

Brian-19 years ago

date November 6, 2008

Leon rides again!

I have officially voted for President Obama!

date November 4, 2008

I was looking through some old papers and found this essay, it made me laugh so I thought I would share it...

The Story of My Life (So Far)
By Kayla Jean Josephson

I was born on August 6, 1993 in the Pocahontas Community Hospital in Pocahontas, IA. I weighed 9 lbs 3 1/4 oz and I was 20 inches long. Now, nine years later, I weigh 58 lbs. and I am 51 inches long, which is 4' 3" tall.

I have a brother named Brian, who is 13 years old and a sister named Becky who is 11 years old. My dad's name is Dan and my mom's name is Kathy, they have been married 14 years. We live on a farm near Albert City.

When I was born, we lived on a farm near Marathon. Before I was born everyone thought I was going to be a boy, they were very surprised when I was a girl! I was a very happy baby. I only cried when I needed something. When I was 5 months old I learned to sit up by myself, and when I was 9 months old I learned to crawl. I was late in learning to walk, I didn't learn until I was 16 months old, but now I can run fast! Just a week after I learned to crawl, I pulled the cord on the iron and when the hot iron fell to the floor I touched it and burnt my hand. It took me awhile to try crawling again.

My very first word was "da-da" at 10 months old, and I said "ma-ma" when I was 11 months old, that is also when I learned to wave "bye-bye". After I started talking, I wouldn't stop, I learned the word kitty at one year, pig and sissy (my name for Becky) at 15 months and cow, cracker, toe, daddy and mommy at 19 months. I could say a lot of words by the time I was two, but I wouldn't talk to anyone but my mom.

When I was two years old I got my first haircut, and when it was done I cried and ran to hide in the corner. I learned to write my name when I was 3 1/2 and to read when I was 5. I have said some pretty funny things, some of which are: "When my tooth falls out I can put it back in all by myself" (age 3), "I want to take some books with me to church because when I am in church I am boring" (age 5), "That's my old man" when seeing a picture of my dad (age 5 1/2) and when listening to the song about the foolish man who built his house on the sand I said "What do you expect, he is a man!" (age 6).

I started preschool when I was 4 years old, and I will graduate high school when I am 17 years old. I have five girl cousins (Keri is my favorite) and seven boy cousins. I have five uncles and five aunts, one grandpa, one great-grandpa and two grandmas. Most of my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents live in Iowa, but I have one uncle and aunt and two cousins that live in Ecuador, South America. I am related to four people who are in the Laurens-Marathon school; they are my brother and sister, Mrs. Stewart and Devin Stewart.

I love horses, singing and drawing. When I grow up I want to be an art teacher, a music teacher, a librarian or a regular teacher.

date November 1, 2008

date October 31, 2008

Becky says I don't have enough pictures of her on this blog...so here you go "Sissy"!


I have always said bad things happen in threes...and here is proof once again. First Dan's car quit working, then he toasted the truck and now the chip in my windshield is cracking! I was driving home last night from Kayla's cross country meet and met a semi, which kicked up a rock and it hit the windshield, made a small chip. I emailed the insurance agent this morning, told them about it and they said the repair guy would call me to fix it. Great...fix the chip, no cost to me. Now this afternoon I go to the car and notice the chip is already cracked the windshield! GRRR! Now I will have to replace the windshield and pay the deductible. Not a good thing! Bad things happen in threes, so at least now I am done...for awhile anyway!

date October 28, 2008

Well the stressful part of our day is over and the results are...Becky made it in to test on stand-by so will be able to apply with Early Decision at Northwestern...yippee! Kayla did her try-out for All-State Band and made it...yippee! All-State Band is a huge honor and we are very proud of her...only 264 of the over 5,000 kids that try out state-wide make it.

date October 25, 2008

Tomorrow is a very stressful day at our house...Becky is going to try to get into the ACT test on stand-by and Kayla is trying out for All-State Band.  Now that Becky has determined Northwestern University is where she wants to go to college she has to take the ACT test again with the writing option, she didn't do the writing before but NU requires it. She has also decided she wants to apply with Early Decision, which means she will find out in December rather than April whether or not she is accepted. Early Decision materials have to be turned in by November 1st, so she has to have the ACT with writing taken by then. Since the only time they are offering the test before November 1st is tomorrow, she has to go to Storm Lake and be on stand-by, which means she is hoping someone will not show up to take the test and she can take their place. She may or may not get in. It would be great to know in December if she is accepted at NU, so I hope they can get a place for her tomorrow.

I will be with Kayla at the Storm Lake high school tomorrow as she tries out for All-State Band. She has been taking private lessons since school got out last summer and is really hoping she will make it. Normally her band teacher would take her, but she just had a baby a week ago so I get to go! There will be 10 people trying out with the bass clarinet for 2 open spots, it is a very tough competition. Only 12 bass clarinet players from the entire state will be in the band. She has been practicing and practicing, so I hope she makes it. There is also an alternate position, she would be happy to even get that. Her private lesson teacher is one of the workers at the school tomorrow, so she is going to help her warm up...which is good because I would be no help with that!

So, cross your fingers that everything goes well tomorrow! We are hoping for two successes...i will let you know!

date October 24, 2008

Brian at Kayla's cross country meet...he wasn't sure if he wanted me to take his picture, so made a weird face. Typical Brian.

date October 23, 2008

I have decided I am not going to answer the phone when Dan calls at noon anymore. Last time it was his car, this time it was his truck. He called and left a message that he was having some trouble so I called him back and his exact words were "I was having some trouble with the truck running a little rough so I wanted you to be alert in case I needed help, but now it doesn't matter because THE TRUCK IS ON FIRE!" WHAT????????????? Apparently when it started running rough he stopped and opened the hood and discovered it was on fire! He called 911 and it was routed to Pocahontas, even though he was in BV county, so they had to route it over to BV, so that took a little extra time. A semi truck stopped and the driver had a fire extinguisher so he tried to put the fire out, most of it was out and then they threw gravel on it to stop the rest of the flames, but that made it worse. By the time the fire trucks got there the truck was pretty much burnt completely, it didn't take the firemen long to put it out. The pictures above are of the inside of the cab and the truck from the front...it is toast! Once Dan realized the cab was going to burn too he took all the valuable things out so he didn't really lose anything, other than the truck of course! I was just glad the fire trucks got there before the fire reached the gas tank, that could have been bad. One of the fireman is also the local tow truck driver, so he came back and towed the truck home for us. We had just replaced the front tires a few weeks ago, and of course Dan had just filled up with gas in the morning, none of those things could be salvaged. When I saw the truck I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry, but I guess it is better to laugh. No one was hurt, the truck can be replaced, Dan can't.

date October 21, 2008

Brian called with an interesting story today. Last night he was in his roommate's bedroom playing video games and the roommate went outside to get a pop (they have a pop machine just around the corner from their door, so he didn't lock the door) and when he came back in he had a really strange look on his face. Brian asked him what was the matter and Jordan told him a half naked man had just walked into their apartment and gone upstairs. (They have a two story apartment, with the living room, kitchen, bathroom and Brian's bedroom upstairs). At first Brian didn't believe him, but then Jordan convinced him the guy was there so they went upstairs to check it out..and sure enough there was a guy wearing nothing but a shirt...passed out in Brian's bed! Neither one of them knew quite what to do (I would have called the police) so they decided to go outside and see if anyone was missing a naked guy. Sure enough, as soon as they went outside a guy came up to them and asked them if they had seen a guy walking around with no pants on...the boys said yeah, he is in our apartment! So they all went upstairs, got the guy awake and spent the next ten minutes arguing with him that he was not in his brother's apartment. Turns out it used to be the brother's apartment. The friend went to get another person and those two got the naked guy out of the apartment. Interesting way to spend your evening! The joys of college...

date October 19, 2008

Iowa State played Nebraska in football today and once again lost! The final score was 35 to 7...I swear, if winning a game was a cold ISU still couldn't catch it! But, even though they are losers, I still love my team!

date October 18, 2008

Thursday afternoon Dan brought home three kittens, they spent the night in the dog house and were all happily eating when I left for work Friday morning. Dan went to Storm Lake Friday afternoon and they were all sitting in the dog house, but when I came home that afternoon none of them were around. Saturday morning still no fuzzers. We searched the entire farm and found no sign of them, so assumed they had run into the cornfield and had gotten lost. This was the second set of fuzzers that just disappeared, we had gotten four from Keri and they just disappeared one day too. We were disappointed because we only have one fuzzer, Scrawny, and had wanted more. Then, the neighbor girls from down the road drove in the lane this afternoon, so I went outside to see what they needed and they had two of our fuzzers! They had found them sitting in the ditch across from their house and since Kayla had told them that if they ever had extra cats we would take them, they brought them down, not knowing they were our lost fuzzers. So we figured at least we had two of the three back that was better than none. They were hungry and cold, so were happy to be back! Then, Dan saw something in the yard out by the road, and sure enough, it was the third fuzzer, cold and scared, looking for his friends. We were so sure we would never see our fuzzers again, but they found their way back home and now we are a four fuzzer family again. Kayla is going to name them but I just say they should be named Trouble #1, 2 and 3!


I am currently listening to my new (new to me anyway) washer do a load of laundry...in my new laundry room!!!!!!!!!!!! The excitement!!


Beware! Strange and scary things happen at my house!

date October 17, 2008

Leon the Neon (Becky's old car, Dan's current car) is dying. He needs a new fuel pump and to get poor Leon running the repair guy wants $500! Leon is not worth that much money, even with a full tank of gas! So we told the repair guy we are just going to take Leon home to die...but really Dan is going to fix poor Leon himself and try to get a few more miles out of him. Leon has been through a lot since we got him...Becky put him in the ditch three times and Dan did it once, but he is still a good car and other than the problem with the fuel pump, he runs great. It is too expensive for Dan to keep driving his truck, even with lower gas prices, so Leon will live again! Dan will have to drop the fuel tank to replace the pump, which will take some time. Naturally this had to happen during harvest...besides the fact that Dan has a job to finish for the guy up the road and get my washer and dryer installed! He will have a busy few weeks...I think I am glad I have to go to work everyday and won't be home to hear the "frustration" he will be experiencing!

date October 16, 2008

The girls and I went to an auction at Marathon yesterday...I was going for the washer and dryer. Of course there was tons of stuff there, and of course I ended up buying more than I intended. I get the fever of the auctioneer! I ended up with a really nice desk for Dan, to replace the old computer desk that was falling apart, a bedside table with drawers for Kayla, a picture for Becky, some crock bowls for me, some blankets for the cold upstairs and most importantly...the washer and dryer!! No more laundromat for me~as soon as Dan gets them hooked up that is! We have decided to put them in what is now the "office"...we are going to move the desk into Brian's old room (surprise Brian!) and make the office the new laundry room. It will take some plumbing and electrical work, but I am so excited to have the laundry on the main floor! I will also have to do some rearranging in Brian's room...he only uses it to sleep in when he comes home, I have been told many times he will not live with us anymore, but I will keep the bed for when he visits. So the office will become the laundry room and Brian's room will become the office. Big changes at my house!

Update on ISU and Baylor game...ISU lost, big time! :o(  Home game this weekend...maybe they can win for once!

date October 13, 2008

Went and watched Kayla run in cross country again this morning, she did super! Came in second on her team and 28th overall with a time of 20:57...her best time yet. She has one more meet next Saturday and then will be done for the season, so she is finishing strong.

ISU plays Baylor today, so I am hoping they can get a win in! Last week they lost by two points in a very close game...they were ahead 20-0 at half-time but lost their mojo in the second half.

I have to get some cleaning done, and of course the never ending job of laundry. The girls are helping Dan put some cement in for a guy up the road. It is a cool day, the perfect weather in my opinion! Brian says everyone he knows headed home this weekend, but he is staying in Ames...has the whole apartment to himself. He will come home in a few weeks for Thanksgiving, if not before. I hope to go visit him for his birthday if he doesn't come here. Less than a month and he will be 20!

date October 11, 2008

New thing...every Friday I am going to post a random photo. I have so many cool pictures, this way I get to share! Granted, most of them will be of the kids...but if a mom can't brag about her kids who can? Here we go!

This one is of Becky and Kayla and their "gang"...taken this summer just after they finished filming the movie they wrote.

date October 10, 2008

Last night Kayla and I went to church to help with the Vespers committee, which I am on this year. For those of you who don't know, Vespers is an annual supper the church puts on for all the ladies as a kick-off to the Christmas season. So last night we made the party favors and discussed the decorations and food. Halloween isn't even here yet and we are working on Christmas! I also stopped at Wal-Mart after work yesterday to get some things for Kayla's Y-teens secret sister and thought maybe some fun Halloween socks would be good...but no such thing was to be found. I could find Christmas socks, since the "outdoor area" is now filled with Christmas trees and decorations, and I could find Halloween underwear, but no socks. Halloween underwear?? In my opinion, it is way to early to have Christmas stuff out...who buys decorations for Christmas while they are still waiting for Halloween to come? People who are organized and plan ahead...so annoying to those of us who aren't like that :o)


An article was written in the paper about the school's choice to join 8-man football this year, rather than wait until next year when they don't have a choice. Apparently everyone in the district read this article and is hopping mad about it. How dare anyone insult the great sports team! What was the writer thinking? He must be an idiot who knows nothing about sports! Quick, cancel your subscription to the paper before he writes more insulting things about our beloved team! Okay, I just have to say...grow up! It is only sports, the school could have waited another year to join 8-man and really, who cares anyway? Crazy world we live in.

date October 7, 2008

On my way to work this morning, just driving along minding my own business, when my cell phone rang...it was Dan calling to tell me that Leon (the car) had died at the hog house near Newell and I needed to come get him. Okay, not a problem, let me go to work and let them know what is going on and I will be on my way. So I continue to drive and the phone rings again, once again Dan. Now Leon is running fine and I don't need to come get him. Okay, great! Get to work, there about a half hour and Dan calls again. Leon has died at the gas pump in Newell and this time it is not starting again, but he is getting a ride to the hog house by Fonda, so can I come get him there? Road trip! So I explain what is going on to the boss and head to Fonda, get Dan and take him home to get the truck, then back to work. Great way to start the day!


Another crazy weekend, I swear I am gone more than I am home...yet the house doesn't stay clean! Saturday morning I went to Pocahontas to watch Kayla run cross country, she was a little apprehensive about running because she has been having problems with side pain, but she ended up running and finishing the race. We came home and looked up solutions for side pain on the internet and discovered she needs to eat more bananas and oatmeal...she has requested banana cream oatmeal. Later in the afternoon Dan and I went to Algona to watch both girls perform in the Algona Band Day competition...the marching band performed and they ended up with 4th place in their division, they were less than a point from the 3rd place winner. (Kayla is on the left side of the picture above, with Becky directing). In between running yesterday I managed to get a couple of loads of laundry done and made a dent in the cleaning. Sunday Kayla had to go to Sioux City for a All-State band audition workshop. Becky and friend Haley went along and all three girls spent the afternoon with a friend that graduated from L-M last year and is now attending Briar Cliff. I spent most of the day doing laundry and cleaning, but also got the chance to get out the Halloween decorations. I have been meaning to do that for a week now, but finally got the chance. Dan has been working on the combine all weekend, so he has been kept busy too. There is never a lack of things to do on the weekend!

date October 5, 2008

Maybe he should quit college and become a model?

date October 3, 2008

As everyone knows, I was raised to believe in God, go to church and pray. I have lived my life doing those things, but quite frankly, pretty much did them by habit. Lately though, there have been a lot of things going on in my life that have been very stressful. I would say a little prayer once in awhile, again, out of habit. But then, things started to turn around and I got to thinking, are my prayers being answered? Is God really listening? The more I thought about it the more I realized that yes, He is listening and answering...and doing it quickly! I have now gotten to the point where I don't let things get me down...no more sleepless nights worrying, I just turn all my problems over to God and let Him have at them! You know the saying "let go and let God"...I am consciously doing that and I have to be honest, it is fantastic. No more do I pray by habit, I talk to God and let him worry for me. Now don't get me wrong, not every problem is solved the way I think it should be, nor is every problem even solved. I also keep in mind "God helps those who help themselves", I think that is very important. But the major things I worry about are made easier, and I attribute that to God listening and helping me out. It is a good thing.


Happy birthday to my super dad! He is 73 today and doesn't act like it...which is a good thing! There is no way he will read this on the computer because he is totally computer illiterate, but that is okay, because I know mom will show it to him. Dad is that guy that sits quietly in his chair while the rest of us talk and talk and talk. He is not ignoring us, he is listening to every word and caring about what is going on. He listens to his wife, his kids, his grandkids and his great-grandkids and puts his family first, above everything else! Dad is great and we all love him and wish him many more happy birthdays!


Brian sent me this picture today...he lost a lot of weight...on his head!

date September 30, 2008

Talked to Brian yesterday, he had spent the weekend in Minnesota with a friend, it was homecoming for her college so she invited Brian to come visit. He said he had a great time but now he needs to spend a weekend in Ames for once! "His team", the Dallas Cowboys, have been playing really well this season, and were undefeated, until this past Sunday when they lost by two points. Brian says that ruined his whole day...poor boy. He tells me classes are going well and he is already thinking ahead about going to class this winter...he had some struggles with it last winter because he didn't want to go out in the cold and ended up missing some when he should have been there. Now this year he lives even farther away from the college, so he thought maybe he should do something about making sure he makes it to class, so he went to speak with a counselor at the college about what he could do. Said she was really nice, he was impressed with how many ideas and helpful hints she had for him, and he is going to continue to see her as needed. She is also going to help him decide on a major...yippee! Hard to believe he is going to be 20 years old in a month, but he is just making me see how grown up he is becoming. I am proud of him! Becky has been wanting to go spend the weekend in Ames with him, but she has so much going on there is seldom a free weekend for her to go. After the play things should slow down for a week or two before speech starts (hopefully) so maybe she can go then. It is nice that they are so close to each other and want to spend time together...never would have thought that when they were little :o)


Becky is a member of National Honor Society and last week they had a meeting to elect officers. I am very proud to say that Becky was elected president! Go Becky!

date September 29, 2008

Went to the homecoming football game tonight and had more fun watching the marching band then the game! I took tons of pictures (you can never have too many!) and put some of my favorites on here...enjoy! By the way, in case you are wondering why Becky's uniform is different than the others it is because she is the drum major.

date September 26, 2008

Check out this link, it will tell you the estimated taxes you will pay with both Obama and McCain's tax plans. I was surprised to see that I would pay more with Obama, but I am still voting for him.


A last word on the whole homecoming/coronation issue. By the way, save the drama!

Dan has started combining beans and I am told they are not as good as they have been in the past, but they have been worse too. So I guess that means they are about average. Prices, however, are good, so that is nice. We won't see the money until January though, since he sold them for delivery after the first of the year.


Well it's all over but the shouting...homecoming coronation was last night, and as usual, the games were the only interesting part of the evening. Becky was the referee, along with Blake, and no matter what the seniors did, they won. Bad referees...they cheat :o) But it was fun to watch the kids do the pyramid, bean bag toss, three legged race, pop bottle race and tug of war. I got some good pictures (with my new camera, thank you very much!) of Kayla in the tug of war and also a good one of Becky telling to crowd the seniors had won once again...what a surprise! Also got to listen to the pep band, they were really good. I was rooting for Haley to win queen, she didn't make it but she was close. I will go to the game tonight to watch the marching band, more pictures!


date September 24, 2008

...that my daughters would go to school dressed as a giant whoopie cushion (Becky) and a hula girl with a coconut bra (Kayla)! It is Homecoming week, can you tell? Today was twin day, so each of them will have a "twin" when they get to school, ought to be an interesting day. Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday and all I know so far is that Becky has a coonskin hat. Thursday is Pajama Day, Kayla of course has Hawkeye pajama pants to wear and Becky bought a pair of boys Batman pajamas. Friday is Spirit Day, so each will wear a football jersey...at least they will dress semi normal that day! I will get pictures and be sure to share them!

date September 23, 2008

Need a used car? We got plenty! When everyone is home we have a total of 6 cars now...we got Kayla a car yesterday so now everyone has one, and Dan has two! Kayla had no idea we were even looking at cars for her, so she was really surprised that we got her one. Both her and Becky had show choir all day yesterday, so Dan and I left early to go to Onawa to look at a car for Kayla. Onawa was the place we got Becky's car and we were really happy with the service and the prices there, so decided to go back. Car dealers really don't have the "back row beauties" like they used to, so you really have to go to a dealer like the one in Onawa who deals exclusively in used cars if you want to get something a little older. We got there, drove the car, hashed out a deal and headed home with it...it is a 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva, light blue 4 door. Of course when I got home with it I hid it so that Kayla wouldn't see it when she came home. When they did come home I was helping Dan seed the winter rye, so I called the girls out there to help us and then told Kayla I had to go to town later, did she want to go along. First she said no, but then I told her she could drive so she decided she would go. I then asked her if she wanted to take my car or hers...her mouth fell open and she just stood there! It was really rather funny. Of course she wanted to see the car right away, but I told her she had to help finish the job first, then I would tell her where it was. We got done fast! The first thing when she got in the car was to adjust the seat and mirrors to her liking, after all, no one else would be driving it, it is her car! She talked about getting seat covers and hanging things from the rear view mirror (she and her friends...older friends who all have cars...all have the same thing to hang, but before she had no car to do it with...the excitement now!!) It is a nice car, no rust and dents or scratches...needs a radio and will need a muffler soon, but for a kid it is just perfect. Brian stopped on his way from South Dakota last night, and with his car we had four in a row sitting outside the garage...looked like we were starting our own car lot...or having a party:o)

date September 21, 2008

Haven't had an update on the kids lately, so here goes :o)

Brian is doing good in school, some of his classes are boring, but some are fun so it all evens out. He moved to an apartment a month ago and discovered it is expensive to furnish one! Then he had to get the electric and water set up, plus set up the rent to automatically come out of his account every month...so many responsibilities. It is all good for him though, welcome to the real world Brian! This weekend he is going to South Dakota to visit a friend from high school and when he called to tell me he even offered to call me when he got there so I would know he made it safely and to call before he left so I would know he was on his way home...when did he become so responsible and thoughtful :o)

Becky has been busy, busy, busy. Between school, play practice, football games (where she is the band major), show choir, jazz band, pep band and homework she barely has time to eat and sleep. She has been getting applications for colleges sent in, now she needs to start working on scholarships...but I think that will have to wait until after the play. Tomorrow she has an all day choreography session for show choir so that takes care of her Saturday.

Kayla has been busy with cross country, jazz band, pep band, marching band, show choir, play practice and homework...plus trying to find time to fit in extra band lessons for All-State tryouts. She ran cross country at Sioux Rapids last night, the picture is of her on her final sprint to the finish line...she passed both the other girls in the picture. If you look closely you can see her shoes are untied...she didn't have time to stop and tie them so just kept running! I got to go see her for the first time last night, it was so exciting!

So that is what the kids have been up to, if not for them and their activities I would have no life. I am not looking forward to having them all gone, what will I do with all my free time?

date September 19, 2008

Becky now refers to herself as a hot commodity because she gets so many letters, every single day, from colleges wanting her to come there. Yesterday alone she got 10 letters! ISU and South Dakota State have both offered her Honors Programs and automatic scholarships if she comes there. She hasn't even applied at Briar Cliff and they offered her $9000 a year, every year! It amazes me how much these colleges are willing to offer to get her to attend, I am guessing I will not have to be paying a thing for her education...woohoo! Brian of course could have gotten all these offers as well, if only he had applied himself when he was in high school...he is learning the hard way that he should have done that, and he will learn even harder when he has to pay back the student loans! So far she is leaning towards ISU, but she is also having her high school transcripts sent to Morningside and Northwestern this week...so who knows where she will end up. Briar Cliff is a definate no because they don't have a band, "How can you be a music major at a college with no band?" Of course, she has to graduate first, she found out she is one credit short on her requirements for social studies, so somehow has to fit that in before the end of the year. Her plan is to take it independently...but she has no free class periods so I am not sure how that will all work out, she is hoping to take it at the same time she is taking independent yearbook. I think any college will be lucky to get her, but then again, I am a little prejudiced!

date September 17, 2008

Sometimes life decides you are having it too easy, and comes along and smacks you upside the head...that happened to me last night! Dan and I had gone to the fair and kept smelling burnt oil in the car, but since Dan had just changed the oil we assumed it was just some excess burning off...WRONG!!! When he changed the oil he forgot to put the oil cap back on...by the time we came home last night and pulled in the garage the car was smoking when Dan opened the hood. Most of the oil he had put in was now spewn all over the engine and probably the road from our house to Spencer. Of course, the cap was long gone, no idea where it fell out, so now I can't drive my pretty new car...I have to drive Dan's truck to work...grrr! Hopefully I can find someone in Storm Lake that has an oil cap in stock...if I have to "keep on trucking" for tomorrow I may end up riding my bike to work :p

date September 15, 2008

Went to the Clay County Fair tonight and saw the Beach Boys! It was fantastic!!! We had really great seats, right in the center of the stage and only about 50 feet away. They sang for about an hour and a half, although did say a couple of times that they needed an intermission so they could go take a nap. I figure they have to be in their 60's, but they still sound as good as they did when I listened to them 30 years ago. There were only 2 of the original band, but the new guys sound just as good as the old ones. The one guitar player was younger, I am guessing in his 30's (and rather hot) and boy could he play the guitar...he was amazing. The other guitar player is the son of the lead singer (Mike Love). The only drawback of the day was that it was sooooo cold!!!

Saw basically the same as we see every year at the rest of the fair, got mini donuts of course and walked through all the buildings, but didn't see a single thing that I wanted to buy...which is probably a good thing! It is always interesting to go and see the people walking around...world is full of strange and different folks!

date September 14, 2008

Final score ISU 5 and Iowa 17. ISU hasn't won at Iowa since 2002, so I am not surprised they lost there. But next year we will get them, just wait and see :o) ISU is still ahead in the CyHawk Series, so in the big picture ISU is the winner...I will cling to that!

date September 13, 2008

It is halftime of the ISU vs IA game and so far it is a very low scoring game...0-3 in favor of Iowa. I have been listening to the radio and watching the updates online, it rained in Iowa City so the field is wet and all the players on both teams are having troubles with that. I really wouldn't mind losing if the score can stay the same as it is now! I have also been doing laundry (during time outs of course, since I have to go to the basement to do it)...I think I only have 2 million loads today, instead of the usual 3 :o) Also getting the house cleaned, so it is a busy day. Will update with the final score...GO CLONES!


As some of you may know, tomorrow is the big football game of Iowa State vs University of Iowa. There is a guy at work who is an Iowa alumnus and therefore has a tendency to wear a lot of Iowa things and talk about Iowa a lot. So, of course when I started working it was a big deal that I was a big ISU fan...my desk has an ISU mousepad and an ISU cup holding pens and I sometimes wear ISU shirts on Fridays. So today I wear my shirt that says "Beat Iowa", really I can only wear it one time a year, and this is it. But, and I am not surprised by this, it is being made a huge deal that I wore it...the Iowa guy is offended and making sure everyone knows it. Never mind that some of the Iowa shirts he wears offend me and I say nothing, he is making a big deal out of my shirt. Luckily I brought another shirt to work with me, so I will just have to change to keep the peace in the office...sigh.

date September 12, 2008

Last night I sat down and tried to get a handle on the girl's schedules..darn near impossible! Between the two of them they have FFA, play practices (at different times), band lessons in Storm Lake, jazz band, show choir, cross country practice and work. All this, plus they go to school and have to find time to eat, shower, do homework and sleep in there too! No wonder they are often gone by 6:30 in the morning and home well after dark. Often they complain about being so busy, and I tell them to give something up, but there is no way they are going to do that! Now Becky needs to find time to start applying for scholarships for college...can I request more hours in the day?

date September 11, 2008

I need to start a support group for people addicted to purses...I could be the leader. I have always had a thing for purses, whenever I go shopping I have to at least walk through the purse aisle, and I often end up buying a new one...I seldom use the same one for more than a month. It has gotten so bad that Kayla tries to drag me away from the purses whenever we go anywhere! But really, I never spend more than $10-15 on a purse, so it was not a big deal...until last night. I was in Spencer by myself looking for a pair of black pants for work (the zipper on my one pair broke and it is cheaper to buy then repair) so I "happened" to walk through the purses in Penneys. Normally there are none there that I like as they are usually huge and expensive. But this time, I saw one and fell in love with it...I just had to have it...but it cost $30 on sale, way more than I usually spend. I walked away, bought my pants and continued on down the mall, still thinking about that purse. I browsed in a couple of other stores, looked at work clothes and purses and still knew none compared to the one in Penneys. Long story short, I went back to Penneys and bought it. I think it is beautiful and I love it, which is a good thing because for that price I am going to have to use it for a long time :o)

date September 10, 2008

Kayla ran in her second cross country meet last night, and did a good job. It was a very hilly course so she took 24 minutes to do it, which I think is pretty darn fast for three miles! The first meet she did it only took her 21 minutes, and was the second place on her team, but she was a little slower on this one. She has been having a lot of trouble with her knees hurting, so has been wearing a knee sleeve on one, I have to get her a sleeve for the other one now. Going to the doctor is not an option now, because the doctor would just tell her to stop running and she really wants to finish the season. I think it is just mainly that her knees are not used to running and will get better over time...they have improved she says since she started, so I hope they continue to do so. I haven't been able to go to any of the meets yet because they start at 5 and have been quite a ways away (Spirit Lake and Estherville). I will get to go to the next one which is in Sioux Rapids, so I am anxious to watch her...and cheer for her loudly!


Iowa State played football again today and now have a record of 2-0. They beat Kent State 48 to 28, Brian was at the game and said it was another exciting one. Next week is the big one, they play Iowa. Kayla keeps claiming that Iowa is going to win, they also have a 2-0 record, but I just keep telling her Iowa State is going to win, just like they did last year. It is at Iowa City this year, so Brian can't go to it, but I am sure he will be watching and I know I definately will be!

date September 6, 2008

This year the L-M high school is doing "Oklahoma" for the fall play. Both the girls tried out, Becky wanted a main part and Kayla just wanted a small part. They both got what they wanted, kind of. Becky got a lead part, she will be Ado Annie, the girl who can't decide which boyfriend she wants, she thinks she only has one solo. Kayla is in the chorus, she was a little disappointed, but is glad she is at least in the play. They start practice Monday already, so with that and Becky's working and FFA stuff and Kayla's cross country and band practices it is going to be a busy next couple of months!


Best political quote this year "Does the McCain group think just because they have a female Vice Presidential candidate all the women will become Stepford wives and vote for him?" 

Now normally I am not a particularly political person, but this year something  just has me watching everything and reading everything. I had the unfortunate situation of watching John McCain last night and Sarah Palin the night before, and I was not impressed with either of them. McCain is too old for president for one thing, and he is so stiff and unexciting (for lack of a better word). But Palin, she makes my blood boil! I am so tired of everyone touting what a wonderful mother she is...ummm, excuse me, but a wonderful mother does not leave her pregnant teenage daughter and special-needs baby at home while she runs all over the country campaigning! And don't tell me her husband is home raising them, because he spends most of his time on an oil rig! Nannies are raising those kids, but she is just a regular person like the rest of us...ha! Besides the fact that she preaches abstinence and no sex ed taught in schools, then when her 17 year old daughter gets pregnant she is okay with that and will be giving her the "full support she will need". I am sorry, but practice what you preach woman! If my 17 year old daughter got pregnant all hell would break loose at my house, it would not be a wonderful family moment...and it shouldn't be! Pregnant teenagers are not a good thing, I don't care who you are, or what office you are running for. Quit trying to fool the American public. I would think the religious right would have a problem with a teenage pregnancy, but apparently as long as she is not aborting the baby it is okay. The religious right is who got Jesus crucified, so let's keep listening to them and their ideas!

Also, the fact the the Republican party is basically using Palin's family as a means to getting more votes is rotten politics. Having a 5 month old baby at the convention just so the cameras can keep showing him is pathetic, as is having his 4 year old sister there. Yes, Obama has his daughters at the convention too, but they are older and were not continually on camera, they were backstage where they belonged.

This country is in need of a major change, and McCain is not the person to give it to us. He is just another Bush in different clothing. Not once did the Republican party mention health care or education, two subjects which are of utmost importance to me. I have to pay for insurance every month and there is no way we can afford higher rates for less coverage. But, the biggest thing I want to hear from the candidates is what they are going to do about college tuition. Within the next three years I will have three kids in college, and the financial aid offered by the federal government is atrocious, at best. After the first year all the grants drop out and these kids are reduced to loans to pay for the rest of their education, so that when they graduate they are so far in debt they have to work for years to pay it off. Is this right? Obama is the only one so far to talk about college education and I think that is because he realizes that is what is important now. Not the war, not the terrorists, not trying to slam your opponent. Yes, I support the troops overseas, but I do not support the war being fought in the wrong country against the wrong people. The other great quote of the political race so far "I want equal pay for equal work because I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons" (Obama).

Needless to say, I am all fired up about this election! Palin annoys the daylights out of me, she is all show and no substance. McCain is full of nonsense and untruths about the Democrats. I have been watching TV and reading things on the web...factual articles, not stuff with one party bashing the other, and I think everyone should do the same so that they can make an informed decision when it comes time to vote in November.

date September 5, 2008

Tonight I joined the new fitness center in Albert City...for a month anyway! I can pay on a month to month basis, so until I decide if this is really something I want to do I will pay that way. I figure now that the days are getting shorter it will soon be impossible for me to walk in the evening (dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home) so this way I can walk on the treadmill and not have to put out all the cash for my own at home! There is a good variety of machines there, so I have no fear of getting bored. Now that Kayla is into running she thought she would like to join too so she can run on the treadmill and keep in shape during the "off season".

Kayla had her first cross country meet tonight and did really well. Her run time was 21:54 which is great for a first time runner. She had a hard time keeping up and not walking during practice, so everyone was really surprised when she did so well at the meet. She came in 32nd overall, and was 2nd on her team. I don't know who was more surprised at her time...the team or her!

Becky was measured for her graduation cap and gown today...seems way to early for that but apparently they do it early so there is plenty of time to get everything ordered. Seems impossible that she should be doing that already, but I guess the time is coming faster than I want it to. Can't stop her from growing up, she gets college letters in the mail every day. Got one today from Briar Cliff telling her they would give her a scholarship of $9,000 a year just because she did so well on her ACTs. But, even though Briar Cliff is on Rebecca Street, my Rebecca will not go there because they don't have a band. Hopefully other colleges will offer her as much money!

Brian is doing well in school, has a speech class that he is really enjoying. He keeps surprising me by always cleaning his house...never cleaned his room when he was home! He thought about coming home this past weekend, but then decided that although there was not much going on in Ames, there was even less going on in Albert City! Hard to believe, but he has been in his new apartment for a month already...he really likes living there more than in the fraternity house, although he does stop by the house to visit from time to time.

Dan has been crazy busy lately, he has work to do for several people and never seems to have enough hours in the day to get it all done. Most nights it is well after dark before he comes home, I am used to that during harvest, but this is a little early! I guess it is better to be busy than to not have anything to do though. Since it is the beginning of the month I have been busy at work too, so that makes the day go by faster...which is always nice. So everyone is busy and happy and life is good at my house :o)

date September 2, 2008

The allergy season has officially started, for me at least. I sneeze and sneeze, sometimes I think I am going to sneeze my head off! My nose constantly runs, so I am always wiping it and blowing it, so it is a lovely shade of red...I rather resemble Rudolph! My eyes water and itch and are bloodshot, I look like I spent the night in the bar. I love this time of year because fall is my favorite season, but until the frost comes I will be absolutely miserable. I am good as long as I stay inside with the air conditioning on, but some days it is not necessary because it is not that hot, so we open the windows...and that does me in! Many times when I wake up in the morning my eyes are crusted over and hard to open...all this after tossing and turning all night because I can't breathe. Gee, I paint a pretty picture don't I? The joys of the season.

date September 1, 2008

Bright and early this morning Kayla and I did a 5K race in Storm Lake. Kayla ran and I walked, but I am proud to say I made it the whole 3.2 miles! My time was 56 minutes, Kayla left me in the dust at 32:24 minutes. Needless to say, I am very proud of her! My goal was to finish, preferably not dead last, and I was not last, there were 5 people behind me...two of which started out ahead of me! I first started walking earlier this summer so that I could do the 5k at the Marathon to Marathon next summer, but then this one came up, so before I gave myself a lot of time to think about it I just sent in the registration...then I knew I had no choice, I had to go do it. It was fun...after I was halfway through I knew I was going to make it and I did enjoy it then. Kayla wasn't sure if she would be able to run the whole way or if she would end up walking with me, but she ran all but about 1 block...she is ready for cross country meets now.

date August 31, 2008

On the way home from Ames last night I listened to the Iowa State vs South Dakota State football game...it was the opening game of the season for ISU. It was a very exciting game, lots of turn-arounds for ISU and lots of open running yards. The final score was ISU 44 and SDSU 17, so we kicked their butts! I had fun listening to the game, but Brian was there and said it was really exciting to watch. I had a hard time deciding which thing I wanted to listen to on the radio, because Barack Obama was doing his acceptance speech on another station...I wanted to hear that too! So, I switched back and forth between the two, good thing I was alone in the car or I would have driven everyone else nuts.

date August 29, 2008

Everything is finally back to normal at our house. Brian started classes today and the girls are in the full swing of classes so things are on schedule again. Kayla is having a good time in cross country and running farther every day, Becky is looking forward to her first performance as band major and Brian is looking forward to some fun classes (mostly political ones). It is good for everyone to be back in the school mode and know what is going on from day to day...for the most part anyway! Soon it will be time for harvest so Dan is constantly running around trying to get things done before it is time to work on the combine...never seems to be a loss of things for him to get done, and if he has any down time I have a list too :o) I am looking forward to fall, my favorite time of year.

date August 27, 2008

Today is mom's birthday and since I know she reads this blog I just want to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and many, many more. She is a great mom, grandma and great-grandma and we all love her.

date August 26, 2008

Get in the car to go home last night and there is a text message on my phone from Becky..."ask Kayla about her big news". So I call Kayla and her big news is that she has now joined show choir! Apparently they needed another girl and the teacher thought Kayla would be good, so Becky and Haley convinced her to do it. So that is one music thing. Then, after I picked Kayla up from cross country I had to take her to her band lesson in Storm Lake...she takes extra lessons because she really, really wants to get into All-State band this year. So music number two. Friday night is the first football game of the season for L-M and the marching band will be playing during half-time...with Becky as the Band Major (and Kayla on the clarinet of course)...neither of them think they are ready yet, but I am sure they will do fine. So with that being music thing number three, it is a musical week at our house!


Dan and I went to an auction today, he went for the farm equipment and I went for the household stuff. Brian met us there since it was only about an hour from Ames and there was apparently some unique farm stuff Dan thought Brian might like to see. Most of the stuff I saw was plain and simple junk. Boxes and boxes of junk, plus old console televisions, broken chairs, a baby crib that was most definately unsafe, a moldy bassinett, old toys that looked dangerous...the list goes on and on. The auctioneers started out high on most stuff and ended up asking for a dollar just to get rid of it. The farm equipment was well used as well, and the prices they were getting showed that. There was an old car that Brian had his eye on, but we were there for four hours and they were nowhere near the cars, so we gave up. I am guessing it lasted well into the evening, there was a lot of stuff to sell. But it was fun to go since I love auctions, and it was nice to see Brian.

When we came home of course the dirty laundry was still waiting and the dishwasher needed to be loaded, but Kayla had made some bars for church tomorrow, so that was a help. I decided the laundry would still be dirty tomorrow, but Kayla and I did get the house cleaned (Becky had to go to work, so she got out of it). It is always a good feeling to get the clutter picked up and everything back in order. Dan went into town to help Scott bale and then work on the tractor and Kayla is going to a friend's house to watch movies, so I will have the evening to myself...love that!

date August 23, 2008

First day of school today, Becky is a SENIOR (finally, according to her) and Kayla is a sophomore. Of course I took pictures before they left, then it hit me, this is the last year I will have more than one person in the picture...it has been 13 years since I last had that!!

date August 20, 2008

Whatever was causing the smell in my car is now hanging partially from the bottom of the front of the car. Yes, I do know what the "thing" is, but I am not going to tell. I am going to take the car through the car wash in the hopes it will get knocked out this time. I called Dan to tell him it was finally discovered and he said "it is on the front left of the car isn't it?" How did he know? The garage floor where that part of the car was parked last night was covered with maggots this morning after I left!!!


Last night Kayla had her first official cross country practice at school...and she drove herself there! Since she has her school permit she informed me there was no reason for me to make two trips to Laurens, she could just take my car and drive herself. I had to think about that one for awhile...after all it is a new car and she is also a new driver! So I let her do it, she left about 6:30, Dan and I went into town to take a walk, called home at 8:00 and Becky said she still wasn't home. Granted, that really wasn't a very long time since practice started at 7:00...but I was a little nervous. By the time we got home though, she was there, safe and sound. I asked her how it went driving by herself for the first time and her response was "just like when I drive with you, only I was a little more crazy!" Funny:o)


I called the financial aid office at college today to see what the status was for Brian's aid. Talk about an exercise in frustration! They didn't see that I had faxed in the necessary forms so they hadn't done anything with it yet...the very same forms I faxed in last Friday, then called to make sure they got there Monday morning! Suddenly they have disappeared and now I have to fax them again. But this time if I put them to the attention of Sharon they will surely get processed...in three to four weeks!!! Never mind that the first tuition payment is due in two weeks, or that his rent payment is due the first of the month...just fill out ANOTHER form to set up a payment plan and they will refund the money I pay just as soon as the aid comes in. Doesn't matter what day classes start, things are processed in the order received...great, his was originally sent in April, but those records are missing as well! I think these people are trained to make getting aid as difficult as possible so people just give up and pay for everything themselves. There are days that I think I need a college degree just to figure out all the stuff to put a kid through college. I should say I am lucky though, they actually talked to me and gave me information, if I get ahold of the wrong person they won't tell me a thing because of all the privacy laws. Never mind that I am the one paying all the bills, they will only talk to Brian...even though he has told them repeatedly they can talk to me also. I will just have to make him start taking care of this stuff on his own.

date August 19, 2008

Some sort of critter has crawled up somewhere under my pretty new car and died. The smell is almost unbearable, it is getting hard to drive because when the car warms up the smell gets worse. At first we thought maybe something was smelling bad in the garage, but today when I came out of work at noon and got in it, after sitting in the hot sun all morning, I was darn near knocked over from the smell! It has gotten worse, because now you can smell it just by standing near the car. I made Dan look under the hood today because there was no way I was going to find some animal dead in there, but after looking everywhere he still couldn't find anything. We figure eventually the smell will go away, after whatever it is has completely rotted away, but it is horrid now and I hate to think I am driving around with some animal stuck somewhere. I am going to take it through the car wash tomorrow, and not look back when I leave just in case something gets dislodged!

date August 18, 2008

For those of you not in on the story, I did not want anyone at work to know it was my birthday this year before the day, and that upset some people. The day has come and gone, but some people are still wondering about my choice. I believe I have my reasons, and although they really don't need to be stated here, I will do it anyway, with the hopes everyone can move on.

So the fact that I was upset over having my picture in the paper for my birthday is apparently bothering people so I guess I will state my case...again! Like I have said in several previous posts, I did not want my picture in the paper because that is just not something you do when you work for the paper. I did not want my picture, my name or anything else, I just plain didn't want the attention. That was the main reason I didn't want anyone at work to know the date, because they would want to do something, and I didn't want everyone to see my picture and tell me they saw it, and on and on. I am just not the type of person who likes that much attention.

It had also become somewhat of a game at work, Hannah asked me repeatedly when my birthday was and I always told her I didn't have birthdays anymore. We just went back and forth and it was up to her to try to figure out a way to find out. Of course, she could have easily asked John since he has all that information from when I first was hired, but that would have been to easy. Kayla was the one who eventually spilled the beans...guess I should have told her what was going on.

I guess my biggest thing is, what does it really matter what the reason was? All that really matters is that I didn't want to make a big deal of it this year, and some people thought that was wrong. Excuse me, but I am allowed to have my own opinions and wishes and I would think people would understand that. I don't know what else to say about the subject, I just hope people can move on and get over it. My life, my choices.

date August 17, 2008

I have become addicted to the Olympics, much to my surprise. Normally I don't really care on way or the other, but since the press has been giving so much coverage to the Iowa gymnast Shawn Johnson, I decided maybe I should watch once just to see what the big hoopla was all about. Since we live in the middle of nowhere, our TV reception is not good, but I bought two of those HD boxes we will need when the stations switch to on high definition in February, and now we can get channel 4 and watch the Olympics.

Shawn is fun to watch and I find myself rooting for her and also the other USA gymnasts to beat those Chinese! Granted, the gymnastics are usually on later at night, so my bedtime is severally messed up, but I can't turn the TV off. I have also become addicted to watching Michael Phelps in swimming, I really want him to win gold every single time so he can have the record for the most gold medals at one Olympics. Of course, he is usually on later at night too!

I never really cared other years, but this year I find myself watching every chance I get. The girls watch too, so if someone goes to bed early there is usually one of us who saw the whole thing and can keep everyone updated.

Go USA...go for the gold!

date August 16, 2008

Today is my birthday and I am turning 30 for the 13th time. For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that means  I am 42. I really don't mind telling my age, after all, getting older is better than the alternative! I brought donuts to work today, and no one even questioned why, so I think I am in the clear. I know a few people here know, but I think they have forgotten about it. I really don't want a big deal to be made about it, I definately don't want my picture in the paper! That is just not something you do when you work for the paper. 

Don't think there will be much celebrating tonight however, pigs have to be loaded at 5:30 so everyone will be busy. Oh well, it is not like I can't do it another day. Kayla gave me a really pretty angel this morning and Brian gave me a stuffed Iowa State "word"...not sure what to call it, it is just Iowa State spelled out and stuffed in fleece letters and sewn together. 

Wishing I could take the day off of work, but since I took off Monday for Becky's senior pictures and today is a press day, that was not an option. I will leave early if I get the chance though. All in all, it really is just another day on the calendar, but that is fine with me!

date August 15, 2008
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