"Zombie Stomper Heels"...wear these and never again have to fear zombies! Such a good deal!

date June 22, 2011

I think this has to be the next purse I purchase...


I bought the green shoes pictured in the previous Tuesday Tootsies. They are adorable and even brighter green than the picture shows. I bought them to use for when I go walking, but the darn things gave me a huge blister on the back of my foot. Grrr! I can't use them to exercise in, but I still decided I would wear them for "everyday" just because they are too cute to give up. I wore them yesterday and got compliments on them from so many people...some complete strangers! I was disappointed they weren't going to work for exercising, but I am happy they are good for something :)


I guess it is that time again, time for a family update...mostly because I need to put something new on here and I have nothing else to write about!

Start with Kayla this time. She has been working a lot this week, several people are gone on vacation so that gives her more hours, which she appreciates. When you have a bass clarinet to pay off you need money! Every Tuesday night she has been going to Storm Lake for municipal band practice and then every Sunday afternoon they have a concert in the park. It has been beautiful weather for two of the three concerts and it is so relaxing to sit by the lake listening to music. Kayla is also looking forward to music camp at USD in a few weeks, followed closely by going with some friends to visit Becky followed closely by moving into college! She found out she will be going to London over part of Christmas break to perform in the parade on New Year's Day with the USD marching band...pretty exciting!

Becky is taking the summer off from classes and spending it working full time. She doesn't have a bass to pay for, but she seems to have inherited her mother's shoe and purse obsession so she needs money for that...and rent and food of course! She texts me quite often, usually with silly little things, but I am always happy to hear from her. If I want to know what the weather will do I just have to ask her what it did for her the day before...seems to travel to our area the next day.

Brian is still waiting to hear about the job he applied for and really wants. The lady told him to call in a week if he hadn't heard from them, then she leaves for three days when he is supposed to call! He sold his car, that no longer ran, so got some money to live on from that. Of course he gets to live rent free for the summer so only has to buy food...but he likes to eat so that could be a major expense for him. I don't hear from him as often as I would like...I usually have to call him to make sure he is still breathing. He is no longer on facebook, "just one more thing he is too cool for" as he says.

Dan got all the crops in and they seem to be growing well. He has sprayed the corn and beans once, has to do the beans again when they get a little bigger...or is it when the weeds get a little bigger? I have been working on eating healthier, which means so have Dan and Kayla, and exercising every evening. Well, okay, almost every evening! It seems to be working...the scale is going in the right direction...down!

So everyone is healthy, relatively happy and doing well...guess I can't ask for more :)


I am in need of a new pair of walking/running shoes and considering these. Opinions?

date June 14, 2011

Did you ever notice how sometimes nothing seems to go right? It can be a bad day, or that bad day can turn into a week or even months! But then all of a sudden things start to turn around and look better. Sometimes it happens all at once, sometimes it is just little things that start to add up. It really is a curious thing...is it fate or is it faith? Is it actions or is it inaction? I don't understand it, don't try to understand it. I just figure you can't have a crappy life all the time so eventually things have to turn around. But then I wonder, what if someone is having a crappy life and does nothing to try to improve it? Does their life stay crappy or does it magically turn better? The homeless person on the street for example...I am sure they would rather be working and living in a house but is it their fault they are not or is it the fault of someone else? Did they become homeless because of a job loss due to downsizing or because they pilfered the company's money and were fired? Whatever the circumstances, it happened, and this person probably is hoping for a better life...but do they have to make it better or will it just happen on it's own? Questions to ponder...I am just glad things always seem to turn around for me...don't know how, but they do and that is all that matters to me!

date June 9, 2011
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