Tomorrow is a very stressful day at our house...Becky is going to try to get into the ACT test on stand-by and Kayla is trying out for All-State Band.  Now that Becky has determined Northwestern University is where she wants to go to college she has to take the ACT test again with the writing option, she didn't do the writing before but NU requires it. She has also decided she wants to apply with Early Decision, which means she will find out in December rather than April whether or not she is accepted. Early Decision materials have to be turned in by November 1st, so she has to have the ACT with writing taken by then. Since the only time they are offering the test before November 1st is tomorrow, she has to go to Storm Lake and be on stand-by, which means she is hoping someone will not show up to take the test and she can take their place. She may or may not get in. It would be great to know in December if she is accepted at NU, so I hope they can get a place for her tomorrow.

I will be with Kayla at the Storm Lake high school tomorrow as she tries out for All-State Band. She has been taking private lessons since school got out last summer and is really hoping she will make it. Normally her band teacher would take her, but she just had a baby a week ago so I get to go! There will be 10 people trying out with the bass clarinet for 2 open spots, it is a very tough competition. Only 12 bass clarinet players from the entire state will be in the band. She has been practicing and practicing, so I hope she makes it. There is also an alternate position, she would be happy to even get that. Her private lesson teacher is one of the workers at the school tomorrow, so she is going to help her warm up...which is good because I would be no help with that!

So, cross your fingers that everything goes well tomorrow! We are hoping for two successes...i will let you know!

date October 24, 2008

2 comments to “Cross Your Fingers!”

  1. grandma F
    October 24, 2008 at 5:11 PM

    the best of luck to both girls tomorrow, I will sure be thinking about them. They both have the ability for what they are going for, but so do others that will be trying also. Just do your best gils!!

  1. pamela
    October 24, 2008 at 6:53 PM

    Good luck girls I am hoping you both get what you are going for.

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