Today, on Brian's 23rd birthday, I can safely say I completely understand him.

He is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.
(Riddle-a question or statement so framed as to exercise one's ingenuity in answering it or discovering its meaning)
(Mystery-anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown)
(Enigma-a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation)

This is the child that lives the life of a hippie but wants all the modern computerized accessories.
This is the child who can cook like a trained chef but loves fast food.
This is the child who hated school but is incredibly intelligent.
This is the child who no one will ever completely understand, not even himself. Yet this is the child who is no longer a child, he has become a man in the blink of an eye. I may never figure him out, but I cherish the 23 years I have had to try and look forward to many more.

date November 9, 2011

I am comfortable admitting I am a big in size, not age :p Therefore, some of the really cute clothes out there do not come in my size, but yet I want to stay "fashionable". So what is a girl to do? Become obsessed with things where size doesn't matter of course!

My current obsessions are:

Shoes - not really a new obsession, and they do matter for size, but not size as in body, just size as in foot, so that makes it easier. I think I currently have about 20 pairs of flats, four athletic shoes, a pair of boots and two pairs of heels. Loves me some shoes!

Purses - again, not a new one, but still thriving! I just bought a new purse, just plain brown, but it is so soft and roomy I absolutely love it! Gotta have a purse big enough for all my stuff, and whatever other things I throw in there and forget to take back out :p

Rings - once again, size does come into play here, but not if you are into the big rings that are now all the rage and have "watchband" style bands...makes 'em stretchy! I only have two so far, one is a big black flower and the other one is a bouquet of flowers with tiny colored stones in the middle of each. Every time I go somewhere that sells rings like these I check them out, but some are just too gaudy. Never fear though, I am sure I will find more :)

Fingernail polish - I recently decided I needed to stop biting my nails, and what better way than to make them pretty? I discovered polish that is just stick on, real polish strips that are sticky on the back and comes off with polish remover. My first try was zebra print and I was hooked. Now I have lots of colors to play with in regular polish such as red, pink, turquoise and gold. I painted them red the other night, then put some gold sparkles on top and now they look very autumn like :) I also have strips with hearts and some with purple leopard print!

So those are my current obsessions with fashion. This fall I have also fallen in love with Cinamon Dulce cappuccino, Vanilla Carmel latte and Carmex lime twist chapstick. Simple little things that make me smile :)

date November 2, 2011
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