Yesterday was a tragic deep freeze died. This was one of the very first things that Dan and I bought as a married couple, and it was at least as old as me at the time (I was 22). That old monstrosity lasted and lasted. It was huge on the outside but with walls at least 6" thick the inside wasn't nearly as big. But it kept my food frozen and that was all I cared.

For the first 13 years we owned it, it sat in the front porch of our house. When it came time to move I debated moving the gigantic thing, but decided it was cheaper to move it than to buy a new one. So with a lot of strong backs and weak minds we got the freezer moved to the new house. The new place of residence was in the mud room. I would go into the office or down the hall to the bathroom and hear the humming of my old freezer...keeping my pork chops frozen and my ice cream cold. But yesterday I came home and smelled something funky in the house. Couldn't quite put my finger on what it was, but it wasn't pleasant. Then Becky came home and said she smelled something bad too...that was when Dan broke it to me that the freezer had apparently died and the frozen meat was no longer frozen. Yuck!

Lucky for us there wasn't too much stuff in there, but I really didn't want to open the lid and let the smell out more just so I could clean it out. So Dan came up with an ingenious idea! We used a pry bar to lift the corners of the freezer, put metal pipes under it and just rolled the freezer right out the door onto the tractor loader! Didn't have to clean it out, didn't have to try to lift it...easy as pie...which sadly was also in my dead freezer :(

date July 30, 2010

I write this blog more for myself than anyone else. It is completely my opinions and thoughts and I figure a few people read it, but most of them are relatives or friends so no big deal. I read other blogs and sometimes comment on them, even though I have no idea who the person is. Actually I follow several blogs that I have no idea who the writers are and I never will, I just enjoy their writing. If I leave a comment it is always a positive one, I don't find it necessary to put my opinions on someone else's page when I really don't have any idea who they are or how they feel...other than what the chose to share online. I have often read on these other blogs about people who leave mean or derogatory comments...telling the writers their opinion on what was being discussed and how the writer is wrong and the commenter is right. Never in a million years did I think I would have such comments on blog...but now I do!

I wrote MY opinion of our St. Olaf college visit. MY thoughts, MY feelings, MY opinions. Now I have a comment from someone in Pennsylvania who is considering going there and somehow found my blog through a Google search. This person, whose profile is private (chicken), proceeds to tell me how what I wrote is wrong. Ummmm, excuse me, but who asked? I gave my thoughts and told what Kayla and I felt about the visit...didn't ask for anyone else's thoughts on the college or their visit. With all three kids I have gone on a total of 7 college visits and I have never had the experience like I did at St. Olaf. To me this says a lot...I wasn't impressed with the college or the opinion, my blog. Don't like my opinion? Don't read my blog...simple as that.

date July 28, 2010

Went for a college visit today to St. Olaf in Northfield, MN...and neither Kayla nor I were impressed. The campus is huge with lots of old buildings and looks beautiful, but the buildings are old on the inside as well. We got a tour of the campus from a girl that should not be giving tours...she made so many mistakes it was horrible! We were walking to the dorms and she is telling about all the games the students play which included "Spoon Murder"...basically trying to "kill" each other with spoons. She told all about how everyone was paranoid and locking their room doors...doesn't sound like a good way to make friends to me. Then she starts telling about how the dorms are segregated by floor and the opposite sex cannot be on the other sex's floor after midnight. The next thing she says is "but that is never enforced so you can have boys in your room whenever you want to." What?? I know that happens on college campuses everywhere, but you aren't supposed to tell the parents that! Then she starts talking about the campus being a dry campus, but lots of people drink alcohol behind closed doors so you can find it if you want it. Again...what?? Once more, something every parent knows but not something you tell the parent if you want them to think you are trying to "sell" this college.

We toured the science building, which of course Kayla has no interest in and would never take classes in. But we heard all about how it is "green" and got a big award for it and has natural sunlight in every room in the building. It was the only building on campus that was new and modern, and it was beautiful, with awesome views of the town. We then went to the music building, where Kayla would spend 99% of her time and it was horrible. No natural sunlight in that building, just dark halls and big wooden doors that we couldn't open. We walked through that building really fast, the one place she really wanted to see and it was the quickest tour we had.

After the tour, which neither of us were impressed with, we went to the admissions office. This was the first time that the admissions officer talked to just Kayla, I was asked to wait in the lobby while they talked. I found that rather strange since the parents often have questions about admissions and I know Kayla will be asking for help with the admissions process from me. Another set of parents were also waiting in the lobby with me and they too thought it was a little strange that the parents couldn't talk to the admissions counselor. St. Olaf policy I guess!

After admissions we went to talk to the music department admissions counselor (I got to go along with this one) and while she had a lot of good information, it just wasn't impressive at all. The clarinet professor wasn't available as he is touring Taiwan right now, but the music lady did tell us what the admissions requirements for the music department were. She printed out the music that would be required for auditions and Kayla almost was so easy she could have played it in 5th grade!

So all in all, neither of us thought much of St. Olaf. I asked Kayla her opinion before I told her mine, but through the whole morning it was pretty obvious to me how she felt about the place! The tour guide was bad, but that wasn't the fault of the college and really had no determination on how we felt. The buildings were old and stuffy (no air conditioning in them) and dark. The campus was spread out and hard to get around. The music department was more focused on vocal than instrumental, which is great, but not for Kayla. St. Olaf just wasn't what we thought it would be.

date July 27, 2010

I bought these shoes about three years ago...and have never worn them. I keep thinking they would look good with a pair of black pants, but everytime I put them on they don't seem right with the shirt I am wearing. I refuse to get rid of them though...someday I will wear them!


As I was vacuuming the living room today it suddenly occurred to me that the only sound I was hearing was the vacuum. Used to be when I vacuumed I could hear "stuff" being sucked up, but not anymore. Then I realized that the reason I used to hear it was because I used to have little feet dragging sandbox sand, yard dirt and driveway rocks into the house and the rug collected it all, along with the occasional Barbie shoe or Lego. Now my rug stays cleaner (somewhat!) so the vacuuming is quieter. Not sure which way is better...

date July 24, 2010

In just a few weeks I will be 528 months old...or 44 years. I don't feel that age. Brian is almost 22 and I feel like I am that age too. 44 really isn't old, it is only middle age. But for some reason I don't feel like that much of a grown-up.

This can lead to dilemmas. I have to be careful what I wear...don't want to dress like a teenager but don't want to dress like an old lady either. Have to be careful about what purse I might look really cute, but I may be too old for it. Even shoes can be age appropriate!

I look at my kids and see they are growing up and becoming adults. How is that possible when I feel like I am just barely one myself? They say age is all about how old you feel...that can cause problems. I feel like I am 20-something but if I were to act that way or dress that way I would be in trouble. When I was in middle school a teacher once told a classmate to "act your age, not your shoe size"...for this particular person the shoe size was a bigger number than his age!

I guess age is all in your mind....little kids count their "half birthdays" and are so proud to proclaim "I am 9 and a half!" or "I am 7 and three quarters!" I quit counting half birthdays when I got out of elementary. Maybe in a few years I will quit counting years. But I guess having birthdays is better than the alternative!

date July 22, 2010

Rain. Rain. Rain. Seems to be the only thing that Mother Nature knows how to do lately. Fields are okay, ours anyway. Several places around the area have been replanted with beans, and those replanted beans are now once again under water. Spend money for seed, plant, get drowned out. Repeat. Not good.

All three kids now work at Arby's. Won't go into why the job Brian had doing roofing didn't work out...don't want to bash anyone online. He started work at Arby's this morning, hoping to be the shift manager by the end of summer (very good chance). Becky will be leaving in about a month, but Kayla will stay on of course.

At work, on the wall near the sports editor, are the college pennants of everyone who works there. Naturally there is no such thing made as an ILCC pennant, so I need to buy some felt and get one made. I am the only one not represented, gotta get that taken care of.

Need to make a final decision on what senior pictures I am going to buy of Kayla. Need to get directions to St. Olaf for the college visit on Tuesday. Need to clean my house and catch up on laundry. Need to put siding on the east side of the house so that we no longer have rain in the office. Lots of needs, not too many wants.

Woke up this morning and looked at my phone to see what time it was. Realized I had another 20 minutes before I had to get up so thought I would turn on the TV to see what the weather was supposed to do today. Hit the remote for the converter box and nothing happened. I figured the lightning had probably struck something and the box was fried, but went and unplugged and replugged just to be luck. Then glanced over at the clock to see what time it was and realized there was no clock lit up. No electricity...which explains why the converter box didn't work! Called ILEC and reported it, then proceeded to get ready for work in the dark. Luckily I had decided what to wear the night before...but putting in contacts in the dark is an experience I would rather not repeat :)

News? No news? You decide.


I thought these shoes were is the kitty :)

date July 20, 2010

I got these beauties on clearance...I love end of the season shoe sales! The other day it was pointed out to me that I wear the same three rings every day (wedding, mother's, birthstone) and almost always the same earrings (either gold hoops or "diamond" studs) but I seldom, almost never, wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, or even the same pair twice in one week. Guess you could call me a "shoeaholic" :)

date July 13, 2010

So the band nerd has once again gone to band camp for a week...and she is never happier then when she is there! This year she made it into jazz band on the trombone, that was a big deal! But an even bigger deal is that she got to play a bass clarinet with a low C key! Now to some I am sure that means nothing, but to Kayla it is huge. This clarinet is a professional model and costs well over $10, not something just everyone has lying around! She also got to have a lesson with a grad student whose main instrument is the bass clarinet so that helped her with her tone, which is very important to a musician. She likes her roommate, they have a lot in common. Her roommate from last year is there again too so she is having a good time hanging out with her. My little nerd is taking beginning guitar lessons, conducting classes and musicianship classes. Friday night we go to watch the final concert and bring her home. I am guessing she would rather have another week of band camp!


The carpet in my living room was chosen by someone who wasn't thinking when they bought it...namely me! I chose a light beige a house with three kids...on a farm...of pigs. Live and learn on that one I guess. So, because of my momentary lapse in judgement the carpet shows that we live on a farm with dirt and grease and probably some pigs. We have had several people come in and professionally clean the carpet, I have cleaned the carpet, but still the stains come back after a few days. So yesterday I decided it would be a good idea to just get a big rug to put in the middle of the room and cover the stains. A big, dark brown rug that won't show new stains. I brought it home and proceeded to lay it out...that is when Brian decided it was time to help. He got out the tape measures, yes measures, he had two of them, and measured from the walls so we could get an exact placement for the first corner. Then the edge of the rug was measured all the way down the length of the wall to make sure it was square with the room and exactly centered. Took a lot of very small movements of the rug, but it is now directly centered in my living room. Brian is most definitely his father's son :)


These are currently my favorite pair of shoes. I got them at JcPenneys on sale...$40 off! I was looking for a nice pair of black shoes to go with an outfit I was going to wear to a wedding and these were the perfect pair. I don't normally wear high heels anymore, but these are comfortable and easy to walk in. Plus when I wear these I am not the shortest person in my house anymore...I am the same height as the girls!

date July 6, 2010

While walking through Wal-Mart heard a lady say to the gentleman she was with..."There is no way those can be real, no one has boobs that perfect!" I saw the lady they were talking about...and I agreed!

Best overheard conversation ever!

date July 3, 2010

Yesterday Brian found it helpful to point out to me that I matched...everything on me was matching. I was wearing a dark pink/burgundy skirt and burgundy shirt. My purse is dark pink and the cover on my cell phone (which I was carrying at the time) is pink. None of this was intentional, except for the skirt and shirt matching of course. I laughed at him and said I was all about the color coordination...I was kidding, so I thought.

Today I put on jean capris and a black shirt with blue lettering. I decided to wear my black ISU shoes and was deciding what socks to grab when I realized I was doing it again...I chose to borrow a pair of Becky's socks, which are blue, so my black shoes and blue socks would match the black and blue shirt. I guess I am just hopeless...I like to match!

date July 2, 2010
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