Tonight I joined the new fitness center in Albert City...for a month anyway! I can pay on a month to month basis, so until I decide if this is really something I want to do I will pay that way. I figure now that the days are getting shorter it will soon be impossible for me to walk in the evening (dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home) so this way I can walk on the treadmill and not have to put out all the cash for my own at home! There is a good variety of machines there, so I have no fear of getting bored. Now that Kayla is into running she thought she would like to join too so she can run on the treadmill and keep in shape during the "off season".

Kayla had her first cross country meet tonight and did really well. Her run time was 21:54 which is great for a first time runner. She had a hard time keeping up and not walking during practice, so everyone was really surprised when she did so well at the meet. She came in 32nd overall, and was 2nd on her team. I don't know who was more surprised at her time...the team or her!

Becky was measured for her graduation cap and gown today...seems way to early for that but apparently they do it early so there is plenty of time to get everything ordered. Seems impossible that she should be doing that already, but I guess the time is coming faster than I want it to. Can't stop her from growing up, she gets college letters in the mail every day. Got one today from Briar Cliff telling her they would give her a scholarship of $9,000 a year just because she did so well on her ACTs. But, even though Briar Cliff is on Rebecca Street, my Rebecca will not go there because they don't have a band. Hopefully other colleges will offer her as much money!

Brian is doing well in school, has a speech class that he is really enjoying. He keeps surprising me by always cleaning his house...never cleaned his room when he was home! He thought about coming home this past weekend, but then decided that although there was not much going on in Ames, there was even less going on in Albert City! Hard to believe, but he has been in his new apartment for a month already...he really likes living there more than in the fraternity house, although he does stop by the house to visit from time to time.

Dan has been crazy busy lately, he has work to do for several people and never seems to have enough hours in the day to get it all done. Most nights it is well after dark before he comes home, I am used to that during harvest, but this is a little early! I guess it is better to be busy than to not have anything to do though. Since it is the beginning of the month I have been busy at work too, so that makes the day go by faster...which is always nice. So everyone is busy and happy and life is good at my house :o)

date September 2, 2008

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