Kayla tells me I need to blog, not just put pictures on, so here goes a kid update.

Brian: University of Kansas has gotten all the paperwork they need for him to transfer there but have not yet made a decision on his acceptance. The other day he called and said he was considering joining the Peace Corp...that was a big surprise! There is a meeting about it later in the month so he is going to go to that and there is also a man that has an office on campus that he can go talk to about it, so I told him to check that out too. When I talked to him last night he said he is for sure going to wait to do anything definate with it until after he has settled in at KU. I would like him to finish college first, but since he is an adult now it is his decision.

Becky: Still waiting (impatiently) to hear from Northwestern University. They are supposed to make their decision by Monday at the latest, so she should hear sometime next week. Of course she has been busy with school stuff like Show Choir and Jazz Band plus finding time to get some speech practice in. Tomorrow both Becky and Kayla have a wrestling meet to cheer at and have to ride the bus there...which leaves at 5:45 am...oh the agony!

Kayla: Went to the orthodontist yesterday and found out January 27 is the big day...she gets her braces off! They have to do it in Sioux City where the main office is, so I am going to take a vacation day and we will spend the day there. After the braces are off they have to make the retainer so we have to go back to the office a few hours later...good excuse to spend some quality mother-daughter shopping time! She too has been busy at school with basically the same stuff that Becky is doing. No school today so while Becky goes to speech practice Kayla "gets" to help Dan load hogs.

So that is what has been going on at our house (and in Ames)...not too much exciting!

date December 12, 2008

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