Kayla ran in her second cross country meet last night, and did a good job. It was a very hilly course so she took 24 minutes to do it, which I think is pretty darn fast for three miles! The first meet she did it only took her 21 minutes, and was the second place on her team, but she was a little slower on this one. She has been having a lot of trouble with her knees hurting, so has been wearing a knee sleeve on one, I have to get her a sleeve for the other one now. Going to the doctor is not an option now, because the doctor would just tell her to stop running and she really wants to finish the season. I think it is just mainly that her knees are not used to running and will get better over time...they have improved she says since she started, so I hope they continue to do so. I haven't been able to go to any of the meets yet because they start at 5 and have been quite a ways away (Spirit Lake and Estherville). I will get to go to the next one which is in Sioux Rapids, so I am anxious to watch her...and cheer for her loudly!

date September 10, 2008

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