Went to the Clay County Fair tonight and saw the Beach Boys! It was fantastic!!! We had really great seats, right in the center of the stage and only about 50 feet away. They sang for about an hour and a half, although did say a couple of times that they needed an intermission so they could go take a nap. I figure they have to be in their 60's, but they still sound as good as they did when I listened to them 30 years ago. There were only 2 of the original band, but the new guys sound just as good as the old ones. The one guitar player was younger, I am guessing in his 30's (and rather hot) and boy could he play the guitar...he was amazing. The other guitar player is the son of the lead singer (Mike Love). The only drawback of the day was that it was sooooo cold!!!

Saw basically the same as we see every year at the rest of the fair, got mini donuts of course and walked through all the buildings, but didn't see a single thing that I wanted to buy...which is probably a good thing! It is always interesting to go and see the people walking around...world is full of strange and different folks!

date September 14, 2008

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