Brian called with an interesting story today. Last night he was in his roommate's bedroom playing video games and the roommate went outside to get a pop (they have a pop machine just around the corner from their door, so he didn't lock the door) and when he came back in he had a really strange look on his face. Brian asked him what was the matter and Jordan told him a half naked man had just walked into their apartment and gone upstairs. (They have a two story apartment, with the living room, kitchen, bathroom and Brian's bedroom upstairs). At first Brian didn't believe him, but then Jordan convinced him the guy was there so they went upstairs to check it out..and sure enough there was a guy wearing nothing but a shirt...passed out in Brian's bed! Neither one of them knew quite what to do (I would have called the police) so they decided to go outside and see if anyone was missing a naked guy. Sure enough, as soon as they went outside a guy came up to them and asked them if they had seen a guy walking around with no pants on...the boys said yeah, he is in our apartment! So they all went upstairs, got the guy awake and spent the next ten minutes arguing with him that he was not in his brother's apartment. Turns out it used to be the brother's apartment. The friend went to get another person and those two got the naked guy out of the apartment. Interesting way to spend your evening! The joys of college...

date October 19, 2008

1 comments to “College dangers”

  1. pamela
    October 20, 2008 at 7:33 AM

    That is so funny.

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