Things I have control over:

The cleanliness of my house
Whether or not my bed is made in the morning
What I watch on television
How I spend my free time
How I spend or save my money
The people I choose to spend time with
How I spend my life

Things I don't have control over:


I have the right to tell them what I want them to do, but they have the right to do what they want, even if it is different than what I want. All four of them are adults (or darn near to it) and are perfectly capable of making their own decisions...and mistakes. The only control I have over these people is my ability to pray for them in whatever way and for whatever reason I want to. I have the control to pray that God will give me the strength to accept the decisions they make. I also have the control to love them, regardless of what they may or may not do. What more control do I need? None.

date September 27, 2009

"It must be so quiet at your house now that you only have one kid at home, and really quiet when she is away!"


Just this afternoon I had the washer and dryer going in the office, the dishwasher going in the kitchen, the television and vacuum in the living room and the air conditioner was cycling on and off.

Just because your kids leave doesn't mean the house will be quiet! Just a different kind of noise will fill it :)

date September 12, 2009

Brian was down with the flu...not just any flu, the H1N1 flu. University of Kansas had 197 diagnosed cases as of Wednesday and Brian was one of them. Nothing was really done for him, he was just told to stay in his room and rest until he felt better. Once the fever broke he was no longer contagious so he was happy to feel better for the weekend. He had to miss classes and email all his professors for assignments so at least he had homework to do once he started feeling better.

Becky is still in the "finally free from my parents" stage of college life. She doesn't call home, she doesn't stay home for very long when she comes to visit, which Kayla hates. I remember Brian being the same way the first few months he was gone to he calls home frequently and visits are longer and more talkative. Becky will get there, she just has to spread her wings a little first.

Last night was the first night for Kayla to be the "front man" for the marching band...a.k.a. the drum major. She has been practicing her salute for months and even figured out how to twirl a baton. I asked her how the band performance was and was told "amazing" so apparently everything went well. I am looking forward to going to Homecoming to watch her...and of course take a lot of pictures!

date September 5, 2009
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