Talked to Brian yesterday, he had spent the weekend in Minnesota with a friend, it was homecoming for her college so she invited Brian to come visit. He said he had a great time but now he needs to spend a weekend in Ames for once! "His team", the Dallas Cowboys, have been playing really well this season, and were undefeated, until this past Sunday when they lost by two points. Brian says that ruined his whole day...poor boy. He tells me classes are going well and he is already thinking ahead about going to class this winter...he had some struggles with it last winter because he didn't want to go out in the cold and ended up missing some when he should have been there. Now this year he lives even farther away from the college, so he thought maybe he should do something about making sure he makes it to class, so he went to speak with a counselor at the college about what he could do. Said she was really nice, he was impressed with how many ideas and helpful hints she had for him, and he is going to continue to see her as needed. She is also going to help him decide on a major...yippee! Hard to believe he is going to be 20 years old in a month, but he is just making me see how grown up he is becoming. I am proud of him! Becky has been wanting to go spend the weekend in Ames with him, but she has so much going on there is seldom a free weekend for her to go. After the play things should slow down for a week or two before speech starts (hopefully) so maybe she can go then. It is nice that they are so close to each other and want to spend time together...never would have thought that when they were little :o)

date September 30, 2008

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