Doesn't seem to matter where you go to church as an adult, because if it is a different church than where you went as a child it is just a church. The childhood church is your home matter how many years you spend away from it. I am not a "Bible-thumper, shout it from the roof tops" kind of religious person, in fact I don't go to church on a regular basis, but that doesn't mean I don't have religion, and it doesn't mean the church doesn't mean something to me. (In my opinion, people should do a little less Bible-thumping and roof top shouting and just start living like Jesus did) I personally have been a member of three churches in my lifetime, but the one I consider "my" church first is the one where I grew up in, the one in Marathon. Sure the Albert City church is mine as well, the one where my children were baptized and where they were confirmed...maybe someday where one of them will be married, who knows? But the Marathon church is where I spent every single Sunday when I was growing up, every single one. The church with the big stained glass windows...

The church with the huge chandilier...I spent many Sundays hoping those chains were strong enough!

The church, where as a wife and new mother, I brought my family to visit.

January 21, 1989...Brian was two months old.

Yes, this church is my "home church"...well, one of them anyway...I have become pretty attached to my Albert City church too. But that is a story for another day.

date September 17, 2011

I bought these new shoes at, of all places, Walmart! Usually Walmart has zero selection anymore, and what they do have are plain, ugly or just weird and uncomfortable looking. However, these are incredibly comfortable and oh so cute! Love 'em!

date September 9, 2011
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