On my way to work this morning, just driving along minding my own business, when my cell phone rang...it was Dan calling to tell me that Leon (the car) had died at the hog house near Newell and I needed to come get him. Okay, not a problem, let me go to work and let them know what is going on and I will be on my way. So I continue to drive and the phone rings again, once again Dan. Now Leon is running fine and I don't need to come get him. Okay, great! Get to work, there about a half hour and Dan calls again. Leon has died at the gas pump in Newell and this time it is not starting again, but he is getting a ride to the hog house by Fonda, so can I come get him there? Road trip! So I explain what is going on to the boss and head to Fonda, get Dan and take him home to get the truck, then back to work. Great way to start the day!

date October 7, 2008

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