I need to start a support group for people addicted to purses...I could be the leader. I have always had a thing for purses, whenever I go shopping I have to at least walk through the purse aisle, and I often end up buying a new one...I seldom use the same one for more than a month. It has gotten so bad that Kayla tries to drag me away from the purses whenever we go anywhere! But really, I never spend more than $10-15 on a purse, so it was not a big deal...until last night. I was in Spencer by myself looking for a pair of black pants for work (the zipper on my one pair broke and it is cheaper to buy then repair) so I "happened" to walk through the purses in Penneys. Normally there are none there that I like as they are usually huge and expensive. But this time, I saw one and fell in love with it...I just had to have it...but it cost $30 on sale, way more than I usually spend. I walked away, bought my pants and continued on down the mall, still thinking about that purse. I browsed in a couple of other stores, looked at work clothes and purses and still knew none compared to the one in Penneys. Long story short, I went back to Penneys and bought it. I think it is beautiful and I love it, which is a good thing because for that price I am going to have to use it for a long time :o)

date September 10, 2008

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