"Scrawny" checking out the door after we took it off Becky's car.

date January 30, 2009

Answer: The thing that now sits in Kayla's mouth...to replace the braces!

date January 28, 2009

Spent the day at the district speech contest today, both of the girls did a great job! Becky was in Choral Reading and Ensemble and Kayla was in Improv and Reader's Theatre. They both get to go onto state contest in two weeks, that will be in Spencer. I am always impressed with the performances and today was no different. They both have so much talent and poise and are such great actresses. I remember doing speech when I was in high school and I was terrified...neither of them seem to have that problem, and if they do they certainly hide it well. Brian came home to watch too, so it was nice to see him as well. Both Kayla and Becky had their "sweeties" watch them today too, which was nice of the boys to do. So it was a fun day and I am looking forward to going to watch them at state!

date January 24, 2009

Big fight scene-best friends in real life.

date January 23, 2009

Becky Josephson, Laurens-Marathon senior, has been accepted for admittance to Loyola University Chicago for the Fall 2009 term. Becky will be majoring in Theatre with a minor in Musical Theatre. The prestigious Presidential Scholarship, the highest award bestowed on incoming freshman, was also awarded to Becky. Becky is the daughter of Dan and Kathy Josephson of Albert City.

date January 21, 2009

My tennis shoes sprung a leak and everytime I walked in the snow I got wet socks, a most uncomfortable feeling. So when Dan and I were in Spencer Sunday I got a new pair of shoes from Dunhams. The first time I put them on I noticed that the shoelaces were the skinny round kind, but with little "nubbins" all up and down them. It is great because they don't come untied, but they are a pain when I do purposely untie them as they knot up...but not a big deal really. But that got me thinking, if the shoelaces break, where will I ever find another pair to replace them? Then I got to thinking, when was the last time I had a shoelace break? I couldn't remember! As a kid I remember shoelaces breaking and tying it back together until I could replace it. I could go to the "junk drawer" and get a new shoelace, sometimes even still in the original package! I have a junk drawer too, but no shoelaces in there. Granted, I don't wear tennis shoes every day like I did when I was a kid, but still!  Are they making tougher shoelaces nowdays or do I just not break them as much? The question of the day...

date January 20, 2009

Last night Becky was on her way home from cheering at a wrestling meet and had yet another accident. If it weren't for bad luck this girl would have no luck! She was going on M54 south of Marathon, where the road was clear (surprising for that road) and suddenly she came upon a huge snowdrift...with no choice but to keep going as she had no time to stop. She hit the drift, spun one way, spun the other way...hitting a mailbox in the process...and spun back the other way again. Needless to say, she was scared half to death! Once she stopped she calmed down a minute, checked herself (she was fine) and then checked her car and the mailbox. Her car has damage...the back door is missing a window and has a big hole in the door. The mailbox has damage too, although it is still standing on the pole (tough mailbox!). She figures that mailbox saved her from going in the ditch, so that is good. The owners of the mailbox were not home, so she still has the job of going to their house and telling them what she did, but we know the people and they are very, very nice, so I am sure she will not have a problem with them. Luckily, after the accident her car was still driveable so she drove it to a friend's house and called home to tell us what had happened. Since we weren't sure there was no engine damage we went to pick her up and will check the car out today...I think it is okay other than the door. The main thing is that she wasn't hurt..we can fix or replace the car, we only have one Becky!

date January 18, 2009

that the water pipes under the downstairs bathroom froze and burst yesterday! Mud room-flooded. Garage-flooded. Crawl space under bathroom/hallway-flooded. Never in all the years that Dan has lived here has he seen such a thing. Proves just how cold it really was yesterday!

date January 16, 2009

My adorable little baby girl has grown up into a beautiful young woman...too bad it doesn't show in this picture!


Apparently Brian's apartment is a mecca for drunks! (Remember the last time when the naked guy was in Brian's bed?) Last night, about 2:30am the three boys (Brian, Jordan, Dylan) were sound asleep when they were awoken by someone pounding on their door. Being the responsible boys they are, they checked it out and since it was so cold they opened the door to see if the guy needed help. As soon as they opened the door a crack the guy forced his way in and proceeded to run upstairs to the living room...leaving the scent of booze all the way behind him! He was obviously drunk so the boys tried to talk him back down the stairs and out the door...got him down there and then when Brian gave the signal Jordan opened the door and they shoved the drunk out. This made the drunk mad so he started banging on the door again and then kicked out the glass window next to the door and took off running! This made the boys mad! Dylan chased after him (when there is four feet of snow and you are drunk you can't run very fast) while Brian and Jordan called the police...found out later they were the third people to call on the drunk that night as he had been pounding on other people's doors too and the police were on their way when Brian and Jordan called. They brought the drunk back into the apartment to wait for the police and the drunk was very upset...he knew he was in trouble. Brian was sitting on the arm of the couch and the drunk was on the middle of the couch trying to convince Brian he should let him go...he suddenly laid his head on Brian's knee and started crying, pleading with him to let him go..."I will take you to the keg man, I know where the keg party is!" Brian told him he had class in the morning and the drunk said "so do I!". The police were apparently having a hard time finding the apartment so Brian and Jordan went outside to wait for them...the drunk must have thought Brian was his only hope because when he left the drunk curled up in a ball and started sobbing! The police came, arrested the drunk and took him away. The boys have a police report number so that they can turn in the broken window to the apartment office and not be blamed for doing it themselves. Such excitement for a Wednesday night in Ames!

date January 15, 2009

Had another busy weekend! Saturday, besides the normal housecleaning and laundry, I went to Fort Dodge to watch Kayla in Honor Band. I had no trouble getting there, but the car she was in went in the ditch on the way there! Sunday Kayla and I went to Sioux Falls for Nick's college graduation. We had rotten roads from Spencer on to Sioux Falls, so were late for dinner when we finally got there. The graduation was nice (and short) and it was fun to see Nick's apartment afterwards. We went home a different way and the roads were much better, thank goodness!

Quick clarification~after I read the post I made on Dan getting a new truck I realized it looked like we bought a truck just because his car had flat tires. Would have been cheaper to replace the tires! The reason he bought the truck that particular day was because of the tires being flat two days in a row and no time to fix them, but he had been looking at trucks for quite some time and we really need an extra vehicle for days when there are flat tires (or other car trouble) and no time to fix them! I guess it looked kind of silly to say we bought a truck because of bad tires on the car...that was not the reason! Plus, it is always nice to have a truck around...especially when you have kids to move to and from college!

date January 12, 2009

The "sexy pose"

date January 9, 2009

Hot wheels rides again...kind of! Dan replaced his poor old burnt truck with a different one today...such excitement! He has been eyeing one at a place in Storm Lake and after a flat tire on Leon two days in a row he decided the time had come. It will be nice to have an extra vehicle around, but Kayla thinks we should have bought her a car instead.


Just got the news this morning, Brian has been accepted to University of Kansas for the fall semester! Everyone is excited, especially Brian! He is now officially a Jayhawk and enrolled as a Political Science major...he is actually enrolled with a major! It will be hard to have him so far away, but he is so happy it makes it a little easier. Now we just have to get all the details ironed out with financial aid and housing and moving him down there...this will be interesting!

date January 6, 2009

It is a brand new year and everyone is making resolutions, which will be broken or ignored within a week. I, on the other hand, have made a resolution that will certainly be kept, I am not going to do anything new or different this year, I am going to live my life exactly like I did last year and everything will go fine. I am not vowing to lose weight, exercise more, spend less money, not yell at the kids, do a better job at work, put less miles on the car, watch less TV, go to church more, keep the house cleaner... none of it because none of it will happen anyway and what is the point in disappointing myself? I figure last year was a good enough year as far as things go, so why make big changes? I would like to do some of those things, but I am not setting myself up for a fall...if they happen, they happen. It will be a year of big changes anyway with Becky going off to college, when you get to be my age one big thing a year is enough! I am happy with my life just the way it is, so I am not going to make fancy new year resolutions...I am just going to live my life and love my family...what better way to spend a new year?

date January 1, 2009
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