Back by popular demand...Tuesday Tootsies! Ok, so maybe not so much popular demand as a lack of anything else to put on this blog, but still! These adorable sandals are from Wal-mart of all places. Lately Wal-mart has been sadly lacking in acceptable shoe choices so it was a pleasant surprise to find these. Just when I needed a pair of black sandals too!

date June 26, 2012

In all the years I have been working I have never had a performance review. Today I am having my first one and I AM FREAKED OUT!! Is it possible to have a mental breakdown from this? Because I am well on my way. I know it will be okay, and I know any criticism will be constructive, but I take my job very seriously and having my boss tell me what I am doing wrong is going to kill me. I have already told him I will walk out of his office feeling like a whipped puppy so he shouldn't take it personally. I really like my boss and I know he appreciates what I do, but I also know he is going to have fun with this evaluation, if for no other reason than to torment me, but I am so nervous I could pee myself. I am doing a good job, I am helping, I am an asset to the company...I just need to keep telling myself that over and over and over...

date June 21, 2012

I really need to get my s*#t together and blog more often! How boring for the few people who actually read this to only have something to read every couple of weeks. I guess my life is just too boring to write about, which is probably a good thing.

Anywhoo...latest news is that the job is going well and that is good. New opportunities are being offered and I am snatching them up. Can't, and won't, say what they are, but it is exciting and time consuming.

Brian is scheduled for surgery on his ankle/foot the end of August, he was told the first time he had surgery on it "the surgery was not successful". Gee, you think? Ten years later and the kid can barely walk some days, I would say that was not successful. Hopefully he will have a better outcome this time. The downside is he will have to be on crutches for 6-8 weeks afterwards so that means no work and no play for the boy.Ugh!

He moved into his new house officially last week, although he still has a ton of stuff at my house. One of these days he promises he is going to come get it all, we shall see. It is the perfect little house for him and he has made it quite adorable...although he will hate me saying that :p

Had a wonderful visit with Miss Rebecca when she was home last week, always good to see her. She got some time so spend with friends too so that was nice. Only worry was that her kitty was left home alone the entire time, but luckily Meeko was alive and well, and very happy to see her, when Becky arrived home.

Big day for Kayla tomorrow, she has saved enough money to buy herself a professional clarinet and tomorrow is the day she is doing it. She has her college clarinet professor meeting us at the store so that she can listen to Kayla play and make sure she is getting the right one. The store even throws in a free barrel and bell so that makes it even better. Before you even question it, yes the clarinet comes with a barrel and bell, but the free ones are better and fancy! Ooh laa laa! Although for the price of the clarinet the store should throw in a little more than that! She is trading in her intermediate clarinet so that will help with her total cost too.

Tomorrow is a big day for me too, I am going to do a 5K and hope I don't die half way through :p Kayla and Deb are doing it with me so they won't let me quit, which is a good thing to have motivation and to have someone to talk to so it doesn't seem so bad. We are not running, just walking, but I have a feeling it is going to get interesting. We normally do 2 miles on a regular basis, but adding that extra mile could be the end of me. Sunday might find me unable to get out of bed!

Anxiously waiting to hear about the birth of a baby boy from a blogger that I read on a regular basis, she already has three little boys so what is one more! Crazy that I care about someone I have never met, but that is the way it is. Also anxiously waiting for September/October for Amy and Jason to have those Twinkies! I ordered them a little surprise so am waiting to get that too...I know they will like it!

So another day, another blog post. Going to try to keep them coming a little more regularly...maybe I will start up my Tuesday Tootsies again. Who knows?!

date June 15, 2012
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