Need a used car? We got plenty! When everyone is home we have a total of 6 cars now...we got Kayla a car yesterday so now everyone has one, and Dan has two! Kayla had no idea we were even looking at cars for her, so she was really surprised that we got her one. Both her and Becky had show choir all day yesterday, so Dan and I left early to go to Onawa to look at a car for Kayla. Onawa was the place we got Becky's car and we were really happy with the service and the prices there, so decided to go back. Car dealers really don't have the "back row beauties" like they used to, so you really have to go to a dealer like the one in Onawa who deals exclusively in used cars if you want to get something a little older. We got there, drove the car, hashed out a deal and headed home with is a 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva, light blue 4 door. Of course when I got home with it I hid it so that Kayla wouldn't see it when she came home. When they did come home I was helping Dan seed the winter rye, so I called the girls out there to help us and then told Kayla I had to go to town later, did she want to go along. First she said no, but then I told her she could drive so she decided she would go. I then asked her if she wanted to take my car or hers...her mouth fell open and she just stood there! It was really rather funny. Of course she wanted to see the car right away, but I told her she had to help finish the job first, then I would tell her where it was. We got done fast! The first thing when she got in the car was to adjust the seat and mirrors to her liking, after all, no one else would be driving it, it is her car! She talked about getting seat covers and hanging things from the rear view mirror (she and her friends...older friends who all have cars...all have the same thing to hang, but before she had no car to do it with...the excitement now!!) It is a nice car, no rust and dents or scratches...needs a radio and will need a muffler soon, but for a kid it is just perfect. Brian stopped on his way from South Dakota last night, and with his car we had four in a row sitting outside the garage...looked like we were starting our own car lot...or having a party:o)

date September 21, 2008

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