Went and watched Kayla run in cross country again this morning, she did super! Came in second on her team and 28th overall with a time of 20:57...her best time yet. She has one more meet next Saturday and then will be done for the season, so she is finishing strong.

ISU plays Baylor today, so I am hoping they can get a win in! Last week they lost by two points in a very close game...they were ahead 20-0 at half-time but lost their mojo in the second half.

I have to get some cleaning done, and of course the never ending job of laundry. The girls are helping Dan put some cement in for a guy up the road. It is a cool day, the perfect weather in my opinion! Brian says everyone he knows headed home this weekend, but he is staying in Ames...has the whole apartment to himself. He will come home in a few weeks for Thanksgiving, if not before. I hope to go visit him for his birthday if he doesn't come here. Less than a month and he will be 20!

date October 11, 2008

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