The addiction has not been cured, in fact, it may be worse than ever! But isn't my latest purchase adorable? The zebra print even feels like a real zebra! (Well, I have never actually touched a real zebra so maybe it doesn't...but it is soft and fuzzy!) The inside of the front and back pockets are even the zebra print, as are the handles and bottom (this purse won't be sitting on the floor!). The bling in the center of the flower is pretty too. The bright pink of the purse was what first drew my was in the window of a store and once I saw it I just knew I was done for. They had turquoise, black and green as well...but pink is my color. I was actually going into the store for something else (I bought it in a health food store of all places!) but the purse was just calling my name, so I had to answer...when a purse begs me to bring it home I just can't say no :p

date May 30, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair.
The end of the world, the rapture, is coming today.
"The Donald" decides not to run for President (although he would win, according to him).

How are any of these worthy of the top news story? The first one should be private between the people who it concerns. The second one, and frankly the third, are just plain ridiculous. I really need to stop watching national news if that is the best stories they can come up with.

date May 21, 2011

If I had anything to wear with any of these shoes, they would so be in my closet!

date May 17, 2011

date May 13, 2011


Seven more days of school...

Thirteen more days until graduation...
One hundred one more days until college move-in...
One hundred twenty two days until first college marching band performance...

date May 9, 2011

Sometimes it is just better to say no than to promise something and then not come through. If something is going to make you uncomfortable then don't say you are going to come to it and then make excuses at the last minute. If you do this enough times you will cause people to think you are just making excuses, not really having something else to do. Promises made should be promises kept and if you back out you cause disappointment the first few times, but that disappointment eventually turns to anger and then the whole relationship can be ruined. Tell the truth in the first place and avoid the circumstances later.

DISCLAIMER: This is not about anyone I am related to, by birth or marriage!

date May 5, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is dead. That is a good thing for the world, since he was a terrorist and all. But the way people are celebrating is a bit much, in my opinion. Death is not something to celebrate, dancing in the streets, I don't care who died. Not saying I am not happy he is dead, just saying I am not celebrating.

People are having a fit because he was buried at sea within 24 hours of his death...I mean really, the body should be hung up for all to see and shoot at, pee on, spit on, throw things at?C'mon...have a little respect for the dead. Yes he was a horrible man who did horrible things, but does that mean we need to stoop to his level? What if someone we respected, but another country hated, was killed by the other country? Would we accept it if that country mistreated the body? Nope. So why should we not offer the same consideration to Bin Laden? People are also wanting to see pictures of the body and video of the burial at sea. What the heck? Gruesome! Trust what the government says, he is dead and that is all the proof anyone should need. He was a bad, bad man and now he is dead...let's just leave it at that.

date May 3, 2011
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