Now that it appears spring may actually be here I feel compelled to share some fashions that I personally find wrong. Granted, I am no fashion guru, but sometimes you don't have to be to see what is wrong with what someone is wearing. At times I wonder if these people look in the mirror before they left the house :) Please keep in mind, this is merely my opinions, not meant to offend anyone!

1. Socks with sandals...really? Sandals are for letting your feet feel the breeze on a warm day, so the socks kind of negate that.
2. Knee length shorts worn with knee high socks. Basically the same reasoning as sandals and socks.
3. "Daisy Duke" shorts. No one wants to see your rear-end sticking out of your shorts. The only kind of men you will attract by wearing these shorts are sleaze balls. A real man would prefer you leave a little something for him to imagine and discover later, in privacy.
4. Shorts worn with a jacket or long sleeve shirt. If it is chilly enough that you need a long sleeve shirt or a jacket then it is too chilly for shorts.
5. Skin tight jeans and/or tank tops on a "voluptuous" woman. The only thing you are showing off is the fact that you are apparently incapable of buying clothes in the correct size.
6. Cowboy boots worn with shorts. It is not sexy, it is not a "country look"...believe me, I live in the country and that is not how you dress to work on a farm.
7. Cleavage. Just because it is warm doesn't mean you can start wearing your low cut shirts without a tank top or cami underneath. It is not sexy, it is trashy. Please learn the difference.
8. Colored underwear under white pants. Yes it is good that you are wearing underwear, but I don't need to see proof of that fact.
9. Leggings are adorable, but only when worn under a skirt or long t-shirt. Leggings are not meant to be worn with an average length shirt, no matter how thin you are.
10. Swimsuits worn anywhere but the beach/pool. Unless you are a child, wearing your bikini top with shorts to the local store is just weird. Take the time to throw a t-shirt on.

So that is my list of "don't do" for spring and summer. I am sure my opinions won't make a difference to anyone, but I felt compelled to share them anyway :p Feel free to add to my list, or criticize as necessary :)

date April 29, 2011

Have to give the quick run-down of our little mini-vacation to South Dakota. Kayla and I set out on Sunday morning (a half hour later than planned, because Kayla didn't get up on time) and made it to Spearfish by 5 pm. Found the college and Becky's car, then called her to find where she was. She met us at the door of her dorm and was kind enough to let us in :) We sat around her dorm for awhile, I took some pictures and when the girls got sick of the camera flash we decided to go for a drive and some supper. Becky took us to Spearfish Canyon and it was gorgeous! I took lots of pictures there as well. After supper the girls went back to Becky's dorm and I went to my motel room...nice and quiet and HGTV to watch!

Monday morning we all slept in and then met for an early dinner. Becky had class in the afternoon so Kayla and I went to Mount Rushmore. The drive was through the National Forest most of the way so it was beautiful, very curvy roads and lots of going up and down the mountain. When we finally got there, after going through several quaint little towns, the view was breathtaking. We walked to the viewing area and took some pictures then walked around about half of the trail so we could get closer to the faces. We saw two people walking up near the faces, they looked really tiny! By the time we got around the trail to be close to the faces the two people were walking down the was two police officers and they were looking for "evidence"...they were very excited when they found paraphernalia! Imagine, getting high on Mount Rushmore! After that excitement we went to the museum and learned some new things about the faces...for example the face of Teddy Roosevelt had to be blasted several times before the workers could get to good enough rock to carve it. Kayla was surprised that the faces didn't go in a straight line, but we learned why! After we were done there, and a visit to the gift shop of course, we headed back to Spearfish for Becky's concert. We had some extra time before she had to be there so she took us on another drive and we checked out the local cemetery (I love cemeteries). There were some beautiful areas fenced in around 4-7 graves and a couple of areas that had cement liners around the graves. One area even had a huge cement slab with little headstones on the top. Three of the graves had domed cement where they had to break the concrete to bury the people and then cement it closed again. One was so tiny, maybe 1 foot by 3 feet...a baby's grave.

The concert was awesome! The band played 8 songs and Becky was right on the end of the row so we had a perfect view of her :) It was so weird for me to see her playing in a college band. After the concert the girls went back to the dorm and me back to my hotel.

Tuesday I got to the dorm about 9 am and Becky took us to the BHSU bookstore. Kayla and I both got some shirts to show our BHSU pride and Becky even conned me into buying something for her. We told her good-bye and headed for home. On the way home we stopped at Wall Drug and got a few souvenirs and pictures, then we stopped at the Corn Palace and took lots of pictures there as well. At Wall Drug they had a giant jackalope so Kayla sat on it and I took a was a hoot!

We got home about 9 pm after a long day of driving. The way out was a lot more fun, we got to drive into the scenery, but on the way home the scenery was behind us so not as much fun. We are already making plans to go visit again, this time with Dan and Brian along. I keep teasing Kayla that she will be in college when we go so we could just go and she would never know... but of course we will take her along as well :)

We had a great time seeing where Becky goes to college (beautiful campus) and watching her in the concert. We also loved her taking us sight-seeing and doing some on our own. It was a great mini-vacation!

date April 13, 2011

Two decades ago, at 7:50 am, the world gained another person. Granted, probably more than just one, but the one I know about it the most important person born that day! In honor of my intelligent, beautiful and funny daughter's 20th birthday I will list 20 interesting facts/quotes about Becky.

1. Her full name is Rebecca Elaine, she is named after her maternal great-grandmother Roberta Elaine.
2. Her first smile was at 3 weeks :)
3. Her first word was at 11 months, it was "kitty".
4. At the age of 3 she put on play shoes and lipstick and then said "now I look like a real woman".
5. At 2 1/2 years she talked to Santa at Wal-Mart and then saw him again the same day at Santa's Castle, she refused to talk to him again because she had just told him what she wanted and he should have remembered.
6. When she was almost 3 she would close her eyes and ask "who turned out my eye lights?".
7. Three years old she proudly exclaimed "you are the best mom and dad and I won't ever buy another one!".
8. At 3 1/2 she was asked "what are you good for?" She answered "loving!" (She was right!).
9. Also at 3 1/2 she said "Santa's reindeer are magic if you just use your imagination!".
10. The day before she turned 4 she was a flower girl and when she was 14 she was a bridesmaid.
11. Brian made her mad when she was four and she came crying to me saying "Brian made me lose my temperature!".
12. Looking forward to joining Girl Scouts she wondered when she would be old enough to be a "cupcake"...i.e. Brownie.
13. When she was 4 1/2 she decided that when she was 7 she would know everything there was to know about being a mommy, but she would have to wait until she was MUCH older to be a real mommy.
14. At the age of 5 she got a book about learning to read but she was concerned that she would never learn how. When asked why she thought that, she said "I just have a feeling".
15. Once said "Christmas is not for presents, it is for sharing joy and laughter with your family" She was right and we remind her of what she said to this day.
16. When she was in 1st grade she asked me what "estimate" means. I said "guess", meaning that to be the answer. She said "But I don't know!"
17. She graduated high school number three in her class.
18. She works full time while going to college full time and gets good enough grades to be on the Dean's List.
19. She has had her hair colored at least four different colors...blonde, brown, red and whatever her natural color is :)
20. She is the most intelligent, funny, beautiful, kind, compassionate, loving 20 year old that I know :)

date April 9, 2011

I know it's not Tuesday, but these tootsies were too cute to not post!

date April 8, 2011

Last night at Swing Show Kayla gave me flowers. I cried. Kayla played a trombone solo in a jazz band song. I cried. Kayla sang a solo. I cried. Kayla sang in the senior song and they showed a video of pictures of the senior kids. I cried. Kayla presented gifts to the band directors. I cried. Kayla sang back-up for a friend. I cried. My final time to watch a swing show and I saw most of it through watery eyes. I am just a big gets harder to let go with every child that goes.

date April 2, 2011

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and not even try to figure people out. Some people just do whatever they want to do, whether it is right or not, even whether it is legal or not. Then when they get caught they have every excuse for why they did it. They don't confess that they made a mistake and offer to redeem themselves or the damage they did, they just make excuses. "I was told I could take care of that anyway I wanted to" or "I thought that was junk so was getting rid of it" or my favorite "Oh I destroyed your property by accident". When something like this happens it makes you wonder what kind of history these people have. Then when you check into it it is even worse than you imagined! I guess that is a life lesson for everyone...check backgrounds before you rent someone your property.

Live and learn. It is what it is. S#*t happens. All good platitudes to live by. But save yourself some grief and do the homework. Check strangers out that will be involved in your life, call the past people who dealt with them. Most importantly, don't be afraid to handle the issues that come up as they should be handled...DON'T. BACK. DOWN.

date April 1, 2011
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