What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! We started off with Brian moving back to Iowa. I won't say moving home because he is only living here temporarily, that is the decision of both his parents and him! Dan talked to him and told him we needed a hired man, so Brian became that man. The two of them had it all worked out before they said a word about it to me, Brian was going to move here and just surprise me, but ended up spilling the beans before he came.

Dan has done a little job "rearranging", he is doing turkeys for a different person now and has quite a few odd jobs lined up that need to be done for people. Plus he still has two hog buildings and the hogs here at our house, hence the need for help!

Dan, Kayla and I went to Spearfish to visit Becky and Nik the first weekend of March. As usual it is a long, boring trip...but we had a great time when we got there :) Dan had never been to Mount Rushmore so we spent some time there and also went to Crazy Horse, which none of us had been to. We had to pay $27 to get into the Crazy Horse park and then since it is the off season we could only see the sculpture from a mile away. Granted it was easy to see, but what a rip-off! We also spent a day driving around Spearfish Canyon and went to a very high hill (that we had to climb up) to see a rock where a man carved his final words before the Indians killed him (actually it was a replica, not sure were the real one is). It was neat to see and of course the scenery was gorgeous.

The day after we got back from Spearfish I started my new job. I have a fancy title (Executive Administrative Assistant) and a nice office. So far things are going well, of course I have the "idiot feeling" everyone gets when they start a new job, but it is getting better. I am enjoying it a lot and learning a lot. The people are nice and easy to get along with, and boy do I have enough to keep me busy all day! But I like that, sure makes the day go by faster.

Kayla spent last week home for spring break, and after the week was up she was definately ready to go back to college! She missed her friends but did enjoy sleeping till noon while she was home :p She has decided to drop her Music Education major and just stick with the Music Performance and minor in psychology. Of course that means she will be getting a job somewhere far away so she can perform...sigh. But if that is what makes her happy then I am happy. After all, Brian moved away and came back so I can always hope the girls will too!

I guess that sums up the craziness of my life the past few weeks, working an hour later than I used to has made the evening seem even busier trying to get everything done that I need to. But, I am getting used to it and things are working out. Yay! Liking my job, loving having Brian nearby and happy to have had time with my girls. Life is crazy, but good.

date March 14, 2012
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