Well it's all over but the shouting...homecoming coronation was last night, and as usual, the games were the only interesting part of the evening. Becky was the referee, along with Blake, and no matter what the seniors did, they won. Bad referees...they cheat :o) But it was fun to watch the kids do the pyramid, bean bag toss, three legged race, pop bottle race and tug of war. I got some good pictures (with my new camera, thank you very much!) of Kayla in the tug of war and also a good one of Becky telling to crowd the seniors had won once again...what a surprise! Also got to listen to the pep band, they were really good. I was rooting for Haley to win queen, she didn't make it but she was close. I will go to the game tonight to watch the marching band, more pictures!

date September 26, 2008

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