Leon the Neon (Becky's old car, Dan's current car) is dying. He needs a new fuel pump and to get poor Leon running the repair guy wants $500! Leon is not worth that much money, even with a full tank of gas! So we told the repair guy we are just going to take Leon home to die...but really Dan is going to fix poor Leon himself and try to get a few more miles out of him. Leon has been through a lot since we got him...Becky put him in the ditch three times and Dan did it once, but he is still a good car and other than the problem with the fuel pump, he runs great. It is too expensive for Dan to keep driving his truck, even with lower gas prices, so Leon will live again! Dan will have to drop the fuel tank to replace the pump, which will take some time. Naturally this had to happen during harvest...besides the fact that Dan has a job to finish for the guy up the road and get my washer and dryer installed! He will have a busy few weeks...I think I am glad I have to go to work everyday and won't be home to hear the "frustration" he will be experiencing!

date October 16, 2008

1 comments to “Leon had a good run”

  1. grandma F
    October 16, 2008 at 5:25 PM

    Poor Leon, he has had a good life, now Dan doesn`t want him to die a peaceful death. He is resurrecting Leon, what a deal. Live on Leon

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