I took Kayla and two of her friends to a USD basketball game Saturday night. The girls game was amusing because although it was an easy win for USD (they played Texas-Pan America) one of the girls on the opposing team was hilarious! She was a big, manly type girl and she kept yelling at her teammates...in a big, manly type voice :) Then she would hit her chest and yell things at the USD players...I guess she was trying to intimidate them but it probably made them laugh just like it made us laugh. She played a few seconds of the game, but was mostly a bench warmer who yelled a lot.

The boys game was more exciting. At first the Broncs were ahead of the USD Coyotes for most of the game, but then in the last few minutes the Coyotes pulled ahead and fought for a tough win. It was close...the Broncs were ahead, then the Yotes were ahead, then the Broncs...and on and on. But in the end the Yotes won! The girls were all yelling and cheering...it was a fun night.
Of course, the team mascot was walking all around during the game and the girls got the idea they wanted to have their picture taken with him. Once he came near where we were sitting but all three of the girls chickened out and wouldn't try to get his attention so he would come over. Then "Charlie the Coyote" came over again and this time they got brave and waved to him...and he came over for a picture. I grabbed my phone to take it and suddenly had two other phones handed to me! Luckily for Megan and Laura they had phones similar to mine so I knew how to use them. We got the picture and enjoyed the rest of the game.
Spent the night in Vermillion and then of course had to take some time for shopping for USD things on Sunday before we headed for home. Both Megan and Kayla will be Coyotes this fall so they have to show their support...and Laura will be one next fall. I think I officially have more USD things now than I do ISU...and I have a lot of ISU :p
Fun weekend in South Dakota...Kayla and I will be back for scholarship auditions in a few weeks!

date January 31, 2011

Next couple of weekends are going to be spent away from home...busy busy busy!

This weekend I am taking Kayla and two of her friends to a basketball game at USD in Vermillion. Since I don't want to have to drive all the way home that late at night we are spending the night there. The girls tried to convince me to take them to Sioux City on the way home to shop...but no way I am taking three girls shopping!
Next weekend we will spend in Sioux Falls for the wedding of Nick and Katie. I love weddings so am looking forward to this one...plus get to see most of the family so that is always fun (and loud) too.
Dan is not going to either of the weekend getaways so maybe he will get used to me not being around on Saturday nights and find someone else to keep him company...but I doubt it!

date January 27, 2011

The story of why my blog is now for only readers that I approve of...

Many years ago, just a few months after Dan and I were married, we had a gathering of friends at our house. I went into the kitchen to get the food ready and Dan came in to help. Being that we were still newlyweds I pinched his rear end on his way past me and one of our friends saw me do it. Ever since then I have been known as "Grabby" amongst this group of friends. Childish yes, but I didn't mind and lately hadn't heard the name for years. Then yesterday I get a forwarded text message from one of the group..."how will we live without grabblog?" I texted back, confused, what was a grabblog? Got no answer, then it dawned on me...that was the nickname they had given my blog, grab blog, and they were referring to the fact that I had not updated in a long time. I was furious...if they were making up stupid names then they were obviously making fun of me and what I had written. I knew one of the people from this forwarded message was reading my blog but I didn't know the other one was. Had they not slipped and forwarded the text to me I never would have known. Until that moment I didn't care who read what I wrote, I even had followers that I had no idea who they were. But that was the final straw, the blog became private and will remain that way.
This morning I received another text from one of the "perpetrators" apologizing for the bad behavior. This person admitted what they had done was wrong, that they were childish and that this person hoped I would forgive. It was also said that this person hoped Dan and I knew that this person is a true friend and at visits and phone calls was not doing either for personal gain or gossip opportunities, but only as a friend. I texted back, thanked for the apology and said that the blog would remain private. If this person wants to know what is going on then ask me.
So that is the story. For those of you reading this I welcome you and hope you continue to read. I will add people as I see fit, and deny as I see fit. I will not release the names of the people that caused this in the first place, I, unlike them, refuse to purposely cause someone grief...so don't ask me. These people are still our friends, and I respect their privacy.

date January 23, 2011

I know what you are thinking...about time she got around to writing on here again! But...I have excuses, really I do...ummmm....anyway....

Not much going on around here, just trying to stay warm, which can be a challenge! Brian has moved home again, Kansas was expensive and he just couldn't find a job, which made Kansas even more expensive. He has a job interview Tuesday and we are very hopeful about it. Details after Tuesday...cross your fingers!
Becky has decided not to transfer to USD after all this fall. She is happy at BHSU, loves her job and has made new friends. I am a little disappointed but will just have to find a time to go visit her...and she comes home every couple of months so that is better than a lot of people have.
Kayla has senioritis and it is terminal :p She is counting the days, not until she graduates, but until she can move to college and start marching band! She had an Honor Band in Fort Dodge a couple of weeks ago and was 2nd chair of 4...but all 4 girls playing the bass clarinet had been to All State! Yesterday she had district speech and did improv and radio news...she got a II rating on both but she did a fantastic job!
So that is the jest of what we have been up to...not much really, just the same old same old. I go to work, Dan does chores...we come home, go to bed and start all over again. But...I love it.


I have been lax in my blogging duties...I promise an update soon! Other than trying to avoid the cold weather not much has been going on...but we did attend an honor band so that is newsworthy!

date January 12, 2011

Spending at least 18 years raising a child you think you know them. But then they move away and come home to visit and you realize there are subtle things you never noticed before. Having spent a week with all three kids around I have now realized that they are alike in so many ways, but different in so many other ways. They don't change as much as little children as they change when they become adults. Who knew?

date January 1, 2011
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