Brian moved into his new apartment today, along with two other guys. It is a three bedroom, two story "townhome" and he is discovering that living on your own takes some money! He had to get the gas and electric set up, pay a downpayment on the apartment and now has to get things for his bathroom, plus furniture for the rest of the house. Most of the stuff will be split three ways, but since his bedroom and bathroom are his alone he will have to pay for those supplies by himself. So of course, he calls mom for money, money, money! It should be interesting to see how much, and what, he cooks for himself...he may be eating out and at the college a lot now. He is living about a half mile farther from school now, but can still walk in the nice weather and can take the bus in the winter, so his car can stay parked and he can save his gas money for food and rent. I am anxious to see the place, but I want to give him time to get completely moved in before I do...that way I get the full experience of three boys living together and just how much, or little, they know about cleaning :o)

date July 31, 2008

Becky, being the FFA queen that she is, picked sweet corn last night from the FFA plot and today is in Spencer selling it. Laurens-Marathon is widely known for their sweet corn and it is always a good seller around the area. Plus, she makes "like $15 an hour picking it!". So if you ever see Tall Corn Chapter FFA sweet corn, know that it was lovingly picked by Becky.

date July 30, 2008

Yesterday was baling day at our house, and since we are an equal opportunity employer, Kayla helped. (I don't raise no wimpy girls!) She was out there lifting the bales out of the chute and stacking them just as fast as the men. Now today her arms are sore and she is a little sunburned, but by golly she worked hard!

date July 29, 2008

My right ear is completely plugged and the left ear is partially plugged...I can hardly hear a thing! All day long I have been asking people "what?" "huh?" "say that again?". This is a royal pain, I can hardly wait to get home and do something about it!

date July 28, 2008

Today was a beautiful sunny day, gave me a chance to do some laundry and hang the clothes on the line. A couple of times I thought it was going to rain, but we got a total of about 5 raindrops the whole day so it worked out well. The temperature dropped about 10 degrees in the afternoon, which made it nice to be outside. I weeded the flower area outside of the garage door and sprayed some weed killer on the weeds that just love to grow by the garage. The kittens were very curious about what I was doing, but the sound of the sprayer kept them a safe distance away.

Brian headed back to Ames this afternoon, and typical Brian, he forgot his TV and quilt. Oh well, he will be around again sometime and can get them then. Becky had to work this afternoon, she is ready for school to start again so she will be busy with that instead of working so much. Kayla spent most of the afternoon practicing her bass clarinet, so I was serenaded while doing the laundry. Dan spent the entire afternoon sorting and loading pigs, he was tired and smelly when he got home!

date July 27, 2008

We went to see the movie Mamma Mia tonight, although I had heard mixed reviews about it. Turns out I loved the movie, and I think Dan enjoyed it too. I was okay with the story line, but I loved the music and dancing...after all, this is the music I grew up with. Gotta love Dancing Queen, SOS and naturally Mamma Mia...Abba had some great songs. I had heard nothing but bad stories about Pierce Brosnan's singing, but I thought it was great. I don't want to ruin the story for anyone who hasn't seen the movie, but I was a little disappointed in the whole story line, the ending left me wanting more. I would love to go see it again, but I would really love to get it on DVD when (if) it comes out so I can dance along in my living room :o)

date July 26, 2008

Tonight Kayla and I went for a bike ride around Albert City, with the route we take it is about 3 miles. I swear the town is made up entirely of hills, none that go down, they all go up :o) But it is good exercise, and since I am trying to get more exercise in my daily routine I will keep on pedaling.

The seat on my bike however has got to go. I got a large seat because I knew when I bought the bike that there was no way my plus size behind was going to be comfortable on a junior size seat! But the seat I got is shaped kind of weird and makes it hard to ride, so I ordered the kind I like from Amazon. Used to be able to get the good seat in the stores, but not anymore.

We keep our bikes in a garage of a friend of ours so we don't have to take them to town every night, makes it much easier and I am more willing to go if I know I don't have to put the bike rack on the car and load up the bikes everytime. Times like that were the only time I really missed trading the van in for a car.

date July 25, 2008

If anyone can tell me how to make the time correct on my posts I would be most appreciative! The time that it says I wrote the post is two hours earlier than my time really is. Trust me, I was not up at 6:25am writing!


We now have a grand total of 7 cats running around the farm. Four of them are new so they had to get distemper shots in order to stay running around! So last night Kayla and I rounded them up and gave them the shots...they did not appreciate the fact that I was saving their little lives :o) But they are all so adorable, especially when the all curl up in a big pile...the one yellow one we have sticks out like a weed in the flower garden though! It is really fun when you step into the garage and they all just stare at you...until you start talking to them then they follow you like sheep. Just too cute:o)


Storm Lake had it's Ridiculous Days sales today and at first I thought I would just skip them. Normally the stuff they are selling is either crap no one really wants or the prices are still ridiculous. But at the last minute I decided to walk through and see what there was...I was right on most of the stuff. For example, the shoe store had sandals, little bits of leather and rubber, on "sale" for $70...that is crazy! But I did get lucky at Sugar Bowl and found a bag of 10 graduation cards for $2 and little Christmas ornaments with names for 25 cents. I figured I can use the cards next year when all of Becky's friends are graduating and I found four ornaments with "Chase" on them, figured I can throw them in with the shower present for Saturday. Got up to the checkout and found out everything was 50% off of the lowest marked price, so I spent a total of $1.61. Now how can you get a better deal than that?

date July 24, 2008

Okay, so I make my first blog entry...and make a mistake in it :p The last baby shower I went to was for great-nephew #1...whoops!

Brian is coming home this weekend with Maggi...and crazy as it sounds I feel like I have to clean the house like company is coming. It is only Brian...he lived there for 18 years, he saw the good and the bad! Oh well, it is a good incentive to clean..which the house always seems to need.


Well here I go...into the blogging world. I read several blogs every day and now my sister has one also, so thought what the heck, I might as well start one myself.

As for the title of the blog, I have to admit I am a little (some would say a lot) addicted to Iowa State University...GO CYCLONES! But of course, I do have other things going on in my life as well so this blog will combine it all!

Not much going on in my life at the moment, the girls are going to Fort Dodge today to pick up a part for Kayla's bass clarinet and do some shopping. Dan wanted to finish combining the oats but it rained yesterday and last night, so that idea is for another day. I am sure he will find something else to do to keep him busy! 

Have a baby shower to go to this weekend, it is for great-nephew did I get old enough to have great-nieces and nephews?? Crazy! But I haven't been to a baby shower since great-nephew #2 so it should be fun.

Kayla's birthday is coming soon...two weeks she informed me last night, and all she wants is a new bike. (She really wants a car too, but knows she won't be getting that). We have been going on bike rides a few times a week and her old bike is just too small for her now.

Big excitement of the week has been that we have a snake in the basement...just a little garter snake but a snake none-the-less! I hate snakes, always have. Unfortunately Dan never sees him and none of us girls are brave enough to catch him, so in the basement he stays. Makes doing laundry an experience :o)

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