I called the financial aid office at college today to see what the status was for Brian's aid. Talk about an exercise in frustration! They didn't see that I had faxed in the necessary forms so they hadn't done anything with it yet...the very same forms I faxed in last Friday, then called to make sure they got there Monday morning! Suddenly they have disappeared and now I have to fax them again. But this time if I put them to the attention of Sharon they will surely get processed...in three to four weeks!!! Never mind that the first tuition payment is due in two weeks, or that his rent payment is due the first of the month...just fill out ANOTHER form to set up a payment plan and they will refund the money I pay just as soon as the aid comes in. Doesn't matter what day classes start, things are processed in the order received...great, his was originally sent in April, but those records are missing as well! I think these people are trained to make getting aid as difficult as possible so people just give up and pay for everything themselves. There are days that I think I need a college degree just to figure out all the stuff to put a kid through college. I should say I am lucky though, they actually talked to me and gave me information, if I get ahold of the wrong person they won't tell me a thing because of all the privacy laws. Never mind that I am the one paying all the bills, they will only talk to Brian...even though he has told them repeatedly they can talk to me also. I will just have to make him start taking care of this stuff on his own.

date August 19, 2008

1 comments to “We work on our schedule, not yours”

  1. pamela
    August 20, 2008 at 7:33 AM

    the problem with making them take care of it themselves is that it will never get done. I remember the financial aid nightmare all to well.

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