Dan and I went to an auction today, he went for the farm equipment and I went for the household stuff. Brian met us there since it was only about an hour from Ames and there was apparently some unique farm stuff Dan thought Brian might like to see. Most of the stuff I saw was plain and simple junk. Boxes and boxes of junk, plus old console televisions, broken chairs, a baby crib that was most definately unsafe, a moldy bassinett, old toys that looked dangerous...the list goes on and on. The auctioneers started out high on most stuff and ended up asking for a dollar just to get rid of it. The farm equipment was well used as well, and the prices they were getting showed that. There was an old car that Brian had his eye on, but we were there for four hours and they were nowhere near the cars, so we gave up. I am guessing it lasted well into the evening, there was a lot of stuff to sell. But it was fun to go since I love auctions, and it was nice to see Brian.

When we came home of course the dirty laundry was still waiting and the dishwasher needed to be loaded, but Kayla had made some bars for church tomorrow, so that was a help. I decided the laundry would still be dirty tomorrow, but Kayla and I did get the house cleaned (Becky had to go to work, so she got out of it). It is always a good feeling to get the clutter picked up and everything back in order. Dan went into town to help Scott bale and then work on the tractor and Kayla is going to a friend's house to watch movies, so I will have the evening to myself...love that!

date August 23, 2008

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