Some sort of critter has crawled up somewhere under my pretty new car and died. The smell is almost unbearable, it is getting hard to drive because when the car warms up the smell gets worse. At first we thought maybe something was smelling bad in the garage, but today when I came out of work at noon and got in it, after sitting in the hot sun all morning, I was darn near knocked over from the smell! It has gotten worse, because now you can smell it just by standing near the car. I made Dan look under the hood today because there was no way I was going to find some animal dead in there, but after looking everywhere he still couldn't find anything. We figure eventually the smell will go away, after whatever it is has completely rotted away, but it is horrid now and I hate to think I am driving around with some animal stuck somewhere. I am going to take it through the car wash tomorrow, and not look back when I leave just in case something gets dislodged!

date August 18, 2008

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