I have become addicted to the Olympics, much to my surprise. Normally I don't really care on way or the other, but since the press has been giving so much coverage to the Iowa gymnast Shawn Johnson, I decided maybe I should watch once just to see what the big hoopla was all about. Since we live in the middle of nowhere, our TV reception is not good, but I bought two of those HD boxes we will need when the stations switch to on high definition in February, and now we can get channel 4 and watch the Olympics.

Shawn is fun to watch and I find myself rooting for her and also the other USA gymnasts to beat those Chinese! Granted, the gymnastics are usually on later at night, so my bedtime is severally messed up, but I can't turn the TV off. I have also become addicted to watching Michael Phelps in swimming, I really want him to win gold every single time so he can have the record for the most gold medals at one Olympics. Of course, he is usually on later at night too!

I never really cared other years, but this year I find myself watching every chance I get. The girls watch too, so if someone goes to bed early there is usually one of us who saw the whole thing and can keep everyone updated.

Go USA...go for the gold!

date August 16, 2008

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