August is the month to celebrate at our house, seems to be the month with the most birthdays and anniversaries. Tomorrow is Kayla's 15th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA!!) then we also have Dan's sister Linda and his nephew Jonathan, my mom Bonnie, and my nephew-in-law Chris for birthdays...and I have to admit, my birthday as well. Then we also have anniversaries for my brother and sister-in-law Jeff and Deb and nephew and niece-in-law Chris and Angie. Plus, we will be having a new great-nephew, Chase, in August soon too! That is a lot of celebrating to be done :o)

Interesting fact: Kayla is the fourth generation girl to be born in August in my family. My grandma was first, then my mom, then me, then Kayla. I keep telling her someday she has to have a daughter in August to carry on the tradition.

With all the birthdays and anniversaries in August, and with school starting in August, it can get to be a busy month.

Kayla wanted a bike for her birthday, so she got that last week. Tomorrow she will get a card (I got her a really fun one) and of course chocolate cake! This weekend we are going out for pizza with the family to celebrate, and she will spend a day with her friends too, so she will have a good time. She got her school permit a few weeks ago, so can drive herself to school...if we ever get her a car!

Lucky for me, mine is not a milestone birthday this year so I don't have to worry about people doing things to me. When you get to my age a birthday is just another day on the calendar, and that is fine with me. So far no one at work knows it is my birthday next week, and I fully intend to keep it that way!

So to all of you who are celebrating in August I say Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary...and many more :o)

date August 5, 2008

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