...I thought it was a good idea to have kids : p Becky called me at work today to tell me she doesn't feel well and called into work sick. They told her to find a replacement and she couldn't, so decided just not to show up for work. Wrong answer! She hates her job, but still, she needs some form of income because I refuse to pay for all the stuff she wants to do all the time. 

Then there is Brian, hasn't signed up for classes yet, has 10 days until classes start. He has no idea what he wants to major in, I thought he had made that decision, but changed his mind apparently. So now he is waiting until the very last minute to get classes, may not  get in any of them, and this all messes up his financial aid.

There are days I wonder what I have gotten myself into :o)

date August 13, 2008

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