Went to the Thresherman's show today, I had to work two shifts in the Svenska Stuga (swedish house) and Dan and I walked around between my shifts. It is always an easy job to work in the stuga, all I have to do is sit in front of the fan and answer questions about the place. I have done it enough years that I know most of the answers to the questions people ask, but the most frequent is still if I am Swedish. I say no, I just married one. One little girl today asked if it was my house and a little boy wanted to move in!

We saw a lot of tractors and implements, I walked through the crafts and the big house with all the quilts. I took three quilts out this year, one from each of the kids. Of course we had to go through the barn and see all the animals, I went back later to buy some kittens but they were all sold by the time I got there.

I think the best part of the show is just watching the people. You see everything at an event like this...women in dresses and high heels to men in loin clothes! Always interesting.

Kayla spent the weekend with a friend at the lakes, and Becky had to work today, so this was the first year that I was in the Stuga by myself. I am used to having the girls walk around with me since Dan is not much for the crafts or doll house, but I guess I had better get used to it, won't be long and they will both be gone.

As a side note, trying to keep my birthday a secret at work has failed. Someone spilled the beans and now they will all know on Monday. I hate the attention I am going to get, but nothing I can do. I really have no reason for not wanting it public, but it is MY birthday after all, so if I want it private I thought I should have that option. Oh well.

date August 9, 2008

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