Get in the car to go home last night and there is a text message on my phone from Becky..."ask Kayla about her big news". So I call Kayla and her big news is that she has now joined show choir! Apparently they needed another girl and the teacher thought Kayla would be good, so Becky and Haley convinced her to do it. So that is one music thing. Then, after I picked Kayla up from cross country I had to take her to her band lesson in Storm Lake...she takes extra lessons because she really, really wants to get into All-State band this year. So music number two. Friday night is the first football game of the season for L-M and the marching band will be playing during half-time...with Becky as the Band Major (and Kayla on the clarinet of course)...neither of them think they are ready yet, but I am sure they will do fine. So with that being music thing number three, it is a musical week at our house!

date August 26, 2008

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