Yesterday we (Dan, myself, Becky and Kayla) went to Adventureland. I felt guilty about not having Brian come too, but he had already gone once this year and said he really didn't want to go again. It was a perfect day for going, not too hot and a nice breeze. Even the lines went fast, so our waiting was kept to a minimum. Becky wanted to go on all the roller coasters and upside-down rides but the rest of us were too chicken, so for a few she went alone. Then she ran into a couple of boys she knew, so spent the rest of the afternoon with them and got to go on the scary rides with them. Dan, Kayla and I walked the rest of the park and Kayla and I went on some rides, Dan did the bumper cars and a few water rides with us too. We finished the day with the train ride, then headed for home.

On the way home we stopped and saw Brian's new apartment, it is very nice. They are still waiting for some living room furniture, but will get that this week. Brian cut his finger deeply trying to cut some frozen hamburger, so we bought him a microwave to avoid that in the future. We also took him, Maggi and his roommate Jordan out for pizza...starving college kids can eat a lot!

The picture is of Becky and Kayla on the Lucky Lady. They were making faces like they were scared.

date August 3, 2008

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