Last night Kayla had her first official cross country practice at school...and she drove herself there! Since she has her school permit she informed me there was no reason for me to make two trips to Laurens, she could just take my car and drive herself. I had to think about that one for awhile...after all it is a new car and she is also a new driver! So I let her do it, she left about 6:30, Dan and I went into town to take a walk, called home at 8:00 and Becky said she still wasn't home. Granted, that really wasn't a very long time since practice started at 7:00...but I was a little nervous. By the time we got home though, she was there, safe and sound. I asked her how it went driving by herself for the first time and her response was "just like when I drive with you, only I was a little more crazy!" Funny:o)

date August 20, 2008

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