It is that time again, time for the annual Christmas letters everyone sends in their cards. To me the letter is more important than the card, because it tells the world what has been going on and how much your kids have grown and just how wonderful your life is compared to every other sorry sucker in the world...haha.

I try to make my letter amusing, simply because no one wants to hear how perfect my kids are or how wonderful my job is or as I said, how great my life is compared to theirs. But, sometimes my amusement is not someone else's amusement and family members take things a little to seriously! Usually the older folks who don't realize I am kidding when I say we all moved to a potato farm in Ohio and now live barefoot in a dirt house. I always have to pass the letter through the kids to make sure they approve of what I say about I would change it if they didn't!

Pictures should be a requirement in Christmas cards, especially from people that I only hear from once a year. I do want to see how the kids have grown and changed...not necessarily how much they have improved over the year, but some accomplishments are okay...after all, even in my amusing letter I get some bragging in :)

I shouldn't complain about the people who just send a generic card and sign their name at the bottom, at least they took the time to think of me and send a card. But I would still much rather get a letter and pictures than anything else...even if their life is so much better than mine :p

date December 9, 2010

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