I took the afternoon off today to help Dan take a load of junk to Spencer and get rid of Becky's old car too. We had everything loaded and took off...me driving the truck that was pulling the trailer full of junk and Dan driving the car that had no brakes. Everything was going well until I crossed Highway 10 and the truck suddenly died! I tried to restart it but it wouldn't, so I called Dan to come back and help me...all the while thanking God that I had made it all the way across the highway! He came back but it still wouldn't start, so thankfully we had jumper cables in the truck, and after a few tries, the truck started. Dan decided it would be better if he drove the truck since it seemed to be acting up, and I would drive the car. Okay...but the car had no, none, zip, nada, zilch for brakes! YIKES!

I was fine as long as I went slow and gave myself plenty of time to stop...we took the back roads so there wasn't much traffic. My biggest concern was the big hill on the way into Gillett Grove...I was slightly (totally) freaked out about going down that and not being able to slow myself down! But I made it and it really wasn't bad. Got as far as the intersection of Hwy 18 and M54 and had a stop sign...lucky for me there was no traffic coming so I kind of slowed down and cruised my way across :) Made it to the next stop sign on the edge of Spencer, but by this time I had a whole line of vehicles behind me! I slowed way down and with the help of the emergency brake I came to a full stop...about 50 feet from the stop sign! But there was no way I was going any closer or I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stop again...I let the cross traffic go and then I took off.

Finally, after what seemed like years, I made it to the place where we were selling the car...never have I been so happy to see a business! We got our money for the junk metal and the car and headed home. Of course, the truck had no trouble for Dan the rest of the way up to Spencer or all the way home...typical!

date December 16, 2010

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