I am thankful my son is still alive.

He was hanging out at a friend's house when someone started banging on the door. Before anyone could get to the door to open it, it was kicked open and there were two men with assault rifles. They told everyone in the room to get on the floor, but the eight people there didn't really take them seriously...until they were told again and had the guns pointed at them. Brian was sitting on the floor and the robbers were grabbing cell phones and car keys...making it harder for the people to contact the police after the robbers left. It was obvious that the robbers didn't know what they were doing...their actions and words were confused...and when one guy said a dumb remark Brian laughed. Sometimes this kid doesn't think...so the robber punched him in the face and then pointed the gun at his face. Brian was calm...but it makes me sick to even think about it.

They took cell phones, car keys, wallets, computers and money and left. But they also left behind computers and money and other valuables. No one's car was taken, just everyone's keys. Brian lost his keys, phone and wallet...which contained his debit card, social security card, health insurance card and some cash. All of those things can be replaced. Brian can't.

I was okay when he called and told me what happened, and how they talked to the police for three hours. I was okay when he said he lost everything, including his apartment key, because all of it has his Iowa address so the robbers don't know where he lives in Lawrence. I was even okay when he told me he has a bump on his head from being punched. But after I hung up and was relaying the story to others someone said "lucky he is alive"...then I wasn't so okay. The reality hit me...my son had a gun pointed at him...

I thank God he didn't get hurt any worse and that no one else got hurt. The things that were stolen can all be replaced...lives can't. I have no problem with guns, but when you are using them to rob people I have a problem. I hope the robbers get caught and punished. I also hope Brian continues to deal with this the way he is now...one freaked out person in the family is enough.

date December 17, 2010

1 comments to “Thankful”

  1. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus
    December 20, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    Oh my word. I'm so sorry. What a horrifying experience. So glad everyone is OK.

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