Didn't everyone get the memo? Christmas is supposed to be a happy day, not a day to make someone cry. I wake up Christmas morning and, out of habit, reach for my phone to check my emails. One such email is a notification of a posting on my facebook wall...a not nice posting, a posting bashing one of my children, a posting that had no reason to be on my wall. So after reading the post I deleted it, because really it was not at all nice nor was it at all necessary to put out there for everyone to read...facebook has private message for things that should be private, although this particular post didn't need to be said at all. So if the person who wrote that post reads my blog, and I am pretty sure this person does, I just want to let them know that they ruined my Christmas day. No one is perfect, including my children, but don't be putting them down, that just makes you look petty. The comments made will continue to run through my head, I will try to forget, but it won't be easy. You hurt my child you hurt me. I hope you feel good about yourself, I hope what you said made you feel like you are right and my child is wrong, because apparently you need to feel that way. I am sorry you don't feel enough love in your life that you need to hurt someone to feel happy. Most of all I hope you have a Merry Christmas, because thanks to you I won't.

date December 25, 2010

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