Tonight Kayla and I went for a bike ride around Albert City, with the route we take it is about 3 miles. I swear the town is made up entirely of hills, none that go down, they all go up :o) But it is good exercise, and since I am trying to get more exercise in my daily routine I will keep on pedaling.

The seat on my bike however has got to go. I got a large seat because I knew when I bought the bike that there was no way my plus size behind was going to be comfortable on a junior size seat! But the seat I got is shaped kind of weird and makes it hard to ride, so I ordered the kind I like from Amazon. Used to be able to get the good seat in the stores, but not anymore.

We keep our bikes in a garage of a friend of ours so we don't have to take them to town every night, makes it much easier and I am more willing to go if I know I don't have to put the bike rack on the car and load up the bikes everytime. Times like that were the only time I really missed trading the van in for a car.

date July 25, 2008

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