Storm Lake had it's Ridiculous Days sales today and at first I thought I would just skip them. Normally the stuff they are selling is either crap no one really wants or the prices are still ridiculous. But at the last minute I decided to walk through and see what there was...I was right on most of the stuff. For example, the shoe store had sandals, little bits of leather and rubber, on "sale" for $70...that is crazy! But I did get lucky at Sugar Bowl and found a bag of 10 graduation cards for $2 and little Christmas ornaments with names for 25 cents. I figured I can use the cards next year when all of Becky's friends are graduating and I found four ornaments with "Chase" on them, figured I can throw them in with the shower present for Saturday. Got up to the checkout and found out everything was 50% off of the lowest marked price, so I spent a total of $1.61. Now how can you get a better deal than that?

date July 24, 2008

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