Today was a beautiful sunny day, gave me a chance to do some laundry and hang the clothes on the line. A couple of times I thought it was going to rain, but we got a total of about 5 raindrops the whole day so it worked out well. The temperature dropped about 10 degrees in the afternoon, which made it nice to be outside. I weeded the flower area outside of the garage door and sprayed some weed killer on the weeds that just love to grow by the garage. The kittens were very curious about what I was doing, but the sound of the sprayer kept them a safe distance away.

Brian headed back to Ames this afternoon, and typical Brian, he forgot his TV and quilt. Oh well, he will be around again sometime and can get them then. Becky had to work this afternoon, she is ready for school to start again so she will be busy with that instead of working so much. Kayla spent most of the afternoon practicing her bass clarinet, so I was serenaded while doing the laundry. Dan spent the entire afternoon sorting and loading pigs, he was tired and smelly when he got home!

date July 27, 2008

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