Brian moved into his new apartment today, along with two other guys. It is a three bedroom, two story "townhome" and he is discovering that living on your own takes some money! He had to get the gas and electric set up, pay a downpayment on the apartment and now has to get things for his bathroom, plus furniture for the rest of the house. Most of the stuff will be split three ways, but since his bedroom and bathroom are his alone he will have to pay for those supplies by himself. So of course, he calls mom for money, money, money! It should be interesting to see how much, and what, he cooks for himself...he may be eating out and at the college a lot now. He is living about a half mile farther from school now, but can still walk in the nice weather and can take the bus in the winter, so his car can stay parked and he can save his gas money for food and rent. I am anxious to see the place, but I want to give him time to get completely moved in before I do...that way I get the full experience of three boys living together and just how much, or little, they know about cleaning :o)

date July 31, 2008

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