Rain. Rain. Rain. Seems to be the only thing that Mother Nature knows how to do lately. Fields are okay, ours anyway. Several places around the area have been replanted with beans, and those replanted beans are now once again under water. Spend money for seed, plant, get drowned out. Repeat. Not good.

All three kids now work at Arby's. Won't go into why the job Brian had doing roofing didn't work out...don't want to bash anyone online. He started work at Arby's this morning, hoping to be the shift manager by the end of summer (very good chance). Becky will be leaving in about a month, but Kayla will stay on of course.

At work, on the wall near the sports editor, are the college pennants of everyone who works there. Naturally there is no such thing made as an ILCC pennant, so I need to buy some felt and get one made. I am the only one not represented, gotta get that taken care of.

Need to make a final decision on what senior pictures I am going to buy of Kayla. Need to get directions to St. Olaf for the college visit on Tuesday. Need to clean my house and catch up on laundry. Need to put siding on the east side of the house so that we no longer have rain in the office. Lots of needs, not too many wants.

Woke up this morning and looked at my phone to see what time it was. Realized I had another 20 minutes before I had to get up so thought I would turn on the TV to see what the weather was supposed to do today. Hit the remote for the converter box and nothing happened. I figured the lightning had probably struck something and the box was fried, but went and unplugged and replugged just to be sure...no luck. Then glanced over at the clock to see what time it was and realized there was no clock lit up. No electricity...which explains why the converter box didn't work! Called ILEC and reported it, then proceeded to get ready for work in the dark. Luckily I had decided what to wear the night before...but putting in contacts in the dark is an experience I would rather not repeat :)

News? No news? You decide.

date July 22, 2010

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