In just a few weeks I will be 528 months old...or 44 years. I don't feel that age. Brian is almost 22 and I feel like I am that age too. 44 really isn't old, it is only middle age. But for some reason I don't feel like that much of a grown-up.

This can lead to dilemmas. I have to be careful what I wear...don't want to dress like a teenager but don't want to dress like an old lady either. Have to be careful about what purse I might look really cute, but I may be too old for it. Even shoes can be age appropriate!

I look at my kids and see they are growing up and becoming adults. How is that possible when I feel like I am just barely one myself? They say age is all about how old you feel...that can cause problems. I feel like I am 20-something but if I were to act that way or dress that way I would be in trouble. When I was in middle school a teacher once told a classmate to "act your age, not your shoe size"...for this particular person the shoe size was a bigger number than his age!

I guess age is all in your mind....little kids count their "half birthdays" and are so proud to proclaim "I am 9 and a half!" or "I am 7 and three quarters!" I quit counting half birthdays when I got out of elementary. Maybe in a few years I will quit counting years. But I guess having birthdays is better than the alternative!

date July 22, 2010

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