Yesterday Brian found it helpful to point out to me that I matched...everything on me was matching. I was wearing a dark pink/burgundy skirt and burgundy shirt. My purse is dark pink and the cover on my cell phone (which I was carrying at the time) is pink. None of this was intentional, except for the skirt and shirt matching of course. I laughed at him and said I was all about the color coordination...I was kidding, so I thought.

Today I put on jean capris and a black shirt with blue lettering. I decided to wear my black ISU shoes and was deciding what socks to grab when I realized I was doing it again...I chose to borrow a pair of Becky's socks, which are blue, so my black shoes and blue socks would match the black and blue shirt. I guess I am just hopeless...I like to match!

date July 2, 2010

1 comments to “Color coordination”

  1. shannon
    July 2, 2010 at 10:05 AM

    I like to match also. Bugs me when Abby insists on wearing clothes that do not go together. :)

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