So the band nerd has once again gone to band camp for a week...and she is never happier then when she is there! This year she made it into jazz band on the trombone, that was a big deal! But an even bigger deal is that she got to play a bass clarinet with a low C key! Now to some I am sure that means nothing, but to Kayla it is huge. This clarinet is a professional model and costs well over $10, not something just everyone has lying around! She also got to have a lesson with a grad student whose main instrument is the bass clarinet so that helped her with her tone, which is very important to a musician. She likes her roommate, they have a lot in common. Her roommate from last year is there again too so she is having a good time hanging out with her. My little nerd is taking beginning guitar lessons, conducting classes and musicianship classes. Friday night we go to watch the final concert and bring her home. I am guessing she would rather have another week of band camp!

date July 13, 2010

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