The carpet in my living room was chosen by someone who wasn't thinking when they bought it...namely me! I chose a light beige a house with three kids...on a farm...of pigs. Live and learn on that one I guess. So, because of my momentary lapse in judgement the carpet shows that we live on a farm with dirt and grease and probably some pigs. We have had several people come in and professionally clean the carpet, I have cleaned the carpet, but still the stains come back after a few days. So yesterday I decided it would be a good idea to just get a big rug to put in the middle of the room and cover the stains. A big, dark brown rug that won't show new stains. I brought it home and proceeded to lay it out...that is when Brian decided it was time to help. He got out the tape measures, yes measures, he had two of them, and measured from the walls so we could get an exact placement for the first corner. Then the edge of the rug was measured all the way down the length of the wall to make sure it was square with the room and exactly centered. Took a lot of very small movements of the rug, but it is now directly centered in my living room. Brian is most definitely his father's son :)

date July 13, 2010

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