Had another busy weekend! Saturday, besides the normal housecleaning and laundry, I went to Fort Dodge to watch Kayla in Honor Band. I had no trouble getting there, but the car she was in went in the ditch on the way there! Sunday Kayla and I went to Sioux Falls for Nick's college graduation. We had rotten roads from Spencer on to Sioux Falls, so were late for dinner when we finally got there. The graduation was nice (and short) and it was fun to see Nick's apartment afterwards. We went home a different way and the roads were much better, thank goodness!

Quick clarification~after I read the post I made on Dan getting a new truck I realized it looked like we bought a truck just because his car had flat tires. Would have been cheaper to replace the tires! The reason he bought the truck that particular day was because of the tires being flat two days in a row and no time to fix them, but he had been looking at trucks for quite some time and we really need an extra vehicle for days when there are flat tires (or other car trouble) and no time to fix them! I guess it looked kind of silly to say we bought a truck because of bad tires on the car...that was not the reason! Plus, it is always nice to have a truck around...especially when you have kids to move to and from college!

date January 12, 2009

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